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itunes iconVPNme by Waleed Yousef is a virtually private network app that allows you to access any site you want anonymously with your iPhone. 

A VPN, is a secure network between a client and a server. VPNs are frequently used for workplaces to connect employees in outside locations to the secure work network back at the primary office. Lately, VPNs have seen greater use by home users for a variety of purposes. One advantage is the ability to watch videos or connect to sites that are outside of the country that you live and might otherwise be blocked. Another convenience would be the capability to more securely utilize public WiFi hotspots on a more secure connection. VPNme gives you these same advantages through your phone. Here is their full description from
VPNme image 1the App Store:


Access any site you want, automatically encrypt all your network traffic, and make yourself anonymous.
Unlimited traffic and bandwidth.

We Also Provide Tools to test your anonymous Experience (Ping, Trace, Port Scan, Who is)

We don’t care:
– We don’t care who you are.
– We don’t care what is your email.
– We don’t care from which country you are.
– We don’t care what you browse.

* your account can be used on up to 3 iOS device


Simply register or login to the VPNme app, then choose a plan. Monthly rate is $1.99, or get the whole year at a discounted $19.99, this price comes with an unlimited experience. Go to the settings tab and install the verified profile to configure your device. That’s it. You can now go to the settings and start your VPN. VPNme promises anonymous browsing, securing your IP address with protection from identity theft. This is not a service that I would have a need for, but the prices are very reasonable comparatively and it could be very useful for someone on the go.

Access all content privately without censorship; bypass firewalls, and any type of Proxies. VPNme works on both wireless and wired connections and is available free for iPhone and iPad.


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