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VTranslater - Christophe Giraud-Briquet
I have never really gotten along that well with translator apps, so I’ve always used Espresso Translations. The reason is a core one: the need to actually type the words in manually. It can be difficult enough to copy text into a touchscreen, which is only made all the more difficult when you consider that you are attempting to type in unfamiliar words in an unfamiliar language.

Not to mention the fact that you may be under pressure at the time you need that translation, now.Vtranslator

With VTranslator, all you need to do is point your iPhone camera at a word, select the language and the app will translate any text or words in the image for you. It works really well, although you must make sure the text is clear against the background. I couldn’t find any problems with the way it works during my time with it. You do also have the option of entering text the old-fashioned way, if you are not able to take or get the correct picture.

The app is free, although you can only use 3 translations per day, with limitations on the word count. If you just want to use the app every now and then, this is fine, but for more hardcore user, you will have to purchase a pack of credits.

This is slightly disappointing, as I would expect an app like this to be completely free, to be honest. I think the developer could at least be a bit more generous with the free usage, and up it to 10 free uses a day, which would be fairer, especially as this is an ad-supported app.

Aside from that, there is nothing else wrong with the app. It is extremely useful, easy to use and attractive for what it is.

Recommended as a great tool for those needing a translation fast.


VTranslater - Christophe Giraud-Briquet


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