WaveStation Music iPhone Review

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WaveStation Music for iOS is a great way for new and upcoming artists to publish and share their content, and is also a pretty decent method for listeners to find the latest tunes that probably can’t be found anywhere else.

For artists, this is a fantastic way to upload songs, videos and even entire albums for people to listen to, and to hopefully spread the word about their music. What is even better than that, however is the fact that musicians (and podcasters!) can actually get paid for using the app to promote their tracks.

People using the app can buy ‘WaveTokens’ via an in-app purchase, and then donate them to artists whenever they like. So, create a good tune that people like, or likewise an album or video, and the chances are that you will get a few WaveTokens for your trouble, which can then be cashed out for real money.

You probably aren’t going to get rich, but it might be a nice extra revenue stream for budding musicians just starting out, or who have yet to be noticed. WaveStation even have event sponsorship, and the ability to track performances by local artists.

Here, straight from the developer, are the app’s best features:

– Upload tracks, albums & videos directly from your phone
– Streamlined portfolio displays your music, videos, events & social links
– Use WaveStation to promote your music, videos and upcoming events
– The Interactive map makes it easy for local artists & events to be discovered
– Like, comment and interact with other users’ content
– See top artists and creators in your local area – and beyond!
– Dedicated messaging system to connect with other creators, artists & listeners
– Users, artists & creators can securely donate and trade money using the app

The app is really targeted at two audiences; artists and listeners, which could have easily led to a fragmented user interface. Yet, it is impressive just how streamlined everything is, and how well the developer has managed to make everything as seamless as it is.

Uploading tracks and videos is really easy for artists, and pure listeners can completely avoid these areas of the app if they so choose, with the music browsing side of the app feeling complete and unaffected by the parts designed for artists.

Overall, this is a great way to find some brand new tunes if you are hungry for some raw, unknown artists, but it is even better for up and coming new talent to create albums, promote their sound and make a bit of cash on the side.


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