Worcle looks set for big things on iPhone

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Lightwood Games, developer of Wordsearch Party and Face Rivals for iOS, might just have their biggest hit son far on their hands with Worcle.

We have had the chance to have a sit down and play with the beta version of the game, and we came away pretty impressed. The app is a puzzle game, where the aim is to make words of more than three letters.

So far sounds like a thousand other games? Well the twist here is that the game is played on a circular board, with random letters all around the outside of the board, and you must shoot the matching letters out from the centre of the screen.

Basically it’s Zuma, but with a whole lot more thinking.

The shooter in the centre shows you your next two letters, which is vital for planning ahead, and there are bonus letters of all kinds to help you increase your score and reach the target. Make too many mistakes and it’s game over in the Strategy mode, and there is also a Timed mode to add even more panic to the gameplay.

We had great fun with the beta, and we recommend you check it out when the full game lands in the app store, hopefully next week.


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