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Word Order - AppForMore

Word order is a free anagram-style app from developer AppForMore. Rather than having you rearrange letters to make a word, the app gives you scrambled sentences to rearrange within a time limit. A simple enough idea that results in a boring app.

The sentences are supposedly interesting facts, like “dolls are considered to be the oldest toys in history” – seriously, who cares? Not only does the game contain incredibly dull facts, but its premise of rearranging sentences is deeply flawed. For a start, sentences can often make sense in a variety of word orders: the aforementioned fact, for example, can easily be rewritten as “the oldest toys in history are considered to be dolls”. This example is perhaps a little unfair – in the game, there are full stops to indicate the last word in a sentence, so such accidental reversals of sentence voice are uncommon – but it demonstrates the basic flaw in the game’s anagram system. If you get the fact right, but arrange the sentence slightly differently to how it is arranged according to the app, you’ll have to try to spryly rearrange the sentence again before you run out of time. The timer doesn’t often allow for second chances, so you’re likely to end up feeling that the game’s robbed you of a vast number of well deserved points. To add insult to injury, the app doesn’t let you swap around individual words in a sentence – once you’ve swiped them into the answer entry portion of the screen, they remain in the order that you’ve placed them there. If you want to change one word around, you’ll have to start constructing the whole sentence again: a fairly inefficient system for an app whose only real strength is its time pressure.

Not only are the sentences boring and the gameplay system flawed, but the app doesn’t contain many different facts. When you’ve played through all of the facts, as I managed to do within a relatively short time, you’ll be encouraged to purchase a 99 cent in-app ‘premium pack’ to extend the gameplay. I can quite assuredly predict that you won’t want to.

If you do happen to enjoy the game, it caters to different interests by being split into different categories (odd facts, sports, history and quotes). It also comes with three difficulty levels, though the variation between them seems minimal, and they’re all too easy. The first level that I tried was hard and I thought I’d accidentally clicked on easy.

Overall, Word Order is a nice idea but it just doesn’t work. Don’t get it.

Word Order - AppForMore


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