Wordistic iPhone Review

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itunes iconLet’s get one thing out of the way first, I love the presentation of this game. With a style that is incredibly reminiscent of Jeff Minter’s games, the presentation is interesting, colourful and full of character and feels like a million miles away from the me-too approach of a lot of games we review.

It feels like the front end for an intense shooter, but in actual fact, it is the front end for a puzzle game. However, this is an intense puzzle game, and a difficult one.

The actual game is pretty simple, in terms of its concept. You must simply make words from letters that fall across the screen before the time runs out. Once you beat the time limit, you move onto the next, more difficult, level.screen568x568 (2)

The problem here is the incredibly steep learning curve, as the game is really tough. You don’t get long to choose your letters, and even with the handy preview of upcoming letters on the right hand side and the extremely clever auto suggestions, the pace of the game is brutal.

Once you start to acclimatise yourself with the speed and begin to go up through the levels, the game becomes far more enjoyable and addictive, but I still think the first stage or two could be a little less frantic and a little more sedate.

That really is the only criticism, as the game is actually extremely addictive, with a style that really struck a chord with me.

Here, straight from the developer, are the app’s best features:

Wordistic is an action packed word making/learning game
where you race against the clock to try to qualify for the next ever quickening level.
How far can your brain and word skills take you?
Featuring an original sound track by ATLAS!
Real time word prediction, word suggestions and online word definitions make learning new words easier than ever.
All your word play statistics are viewable in either Daily, Weekly or All time formats.

The music here is phenomenal, an original soundtrack that really elevates the game to another level. This, along with the sterling work done elsewhere in terms of presentation, is the reason the game scored so highly.

An addictive core, surrounded by original, interesting padding, Wordistic also has plenty of extra content, such as full statistic tracking on a daily, weekly and all time basis. There is full Game Center integration with both achievements and online leaderboards, as well as the option of sharing your scores via email.

Overall, this is a stylish and addictive puzzler that, while a bit too tough for new players, is well worth sticking with as it is a smashing little game.


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