WordSketch iPhone Review

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WordSketch - Chris RoebuckThe variety of word games in the app store is a wide one. Word games can become best sellers, as the giant Words With Friends has demonstrated. The great thing about these games is that they are not just fun to play, but they are great brain boosters. The short game play is just enough to get a few quick academic workouts in your day. WordSketch is perfect for just that.

In WordSketch, the classic word scramble comes alive. It reminds me of games we would play in elementary school to enhance vocabulary. The premise is simple – Guess as many anagrams as possible from 7 random letters. There are several ways to play, Time Attack which gives you a choice of standard and expert versions to choose from as you race against the clock to make your words. Classic Mode has a three minute timed version as well as one with no timer.

The game design is very basic with a chalkboard that features all the blank words that can be made from the letters given. The letters you can choose from are featured on Post-It notes displayed on a desk. As you tap the letter to form your words you will see them appear on a scrap piece of paper. Just hit the red Go button to submit the words or the eraser to erase. Continue to spell words until your chalkboard is full or the clock runs out.

The game is fun and the rules are simple. I think the only thing that threw me was the title. There isn’t any sketching involved. But the theme does fit and it doesn’t hold back it’s fun factor.

WordSketch is one of those mini games that I want to see my kids playing. It definitely gets your brain thinking and learning all the while being competitive to beat the clock. It’s simple, and no frills, but it makes one great word game. You can snag this title at an intro price of .99 cents. It won’t be on sale for long, so get it while it’s at a low price.

WordSketch - Chris Roebuck


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