Worms Crazy Golf iPhone Review

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Worms Crazy Golf - Team17 Software Ltd

Worms Crazy Golf is definitely a fitting name for this entertaining app from Team 17 Software Ltd. For one, it is a golf game; two, it does have worms; and three, it is crazy! Crazy in that it’s not so much about making a great golf game as it is making a fun obstacle course around the rules of golf.

The app includes single player and hot-seat multi-player modes for up to 4 players. Single players can play a career mode in which there are 3 different courses to choose from, all with 18 holes each. (As of October 26th, you can also download a 4th Carnival course as an in app purchase for only $.99). Choose your golfer worm and a course to begin. The main focus of the game is of course to get the ball into the hole with as few strokes as possible. You can move the crosshairs to adjust your shot and then hold the golf ball icon in the bottom right corner until the desired swing strength. Let go and off goes your ball. The trickiest part is getting the ball to where you need it while avoiding the obstacles. Steep cliffs, sheep and even exploding worms are just a few you will encounter. Though there are also things you will want to collect along the way, such as coins and crates that will give you bonus points. There are even mini-games built in that include 15 challenges with leaderboards. They are a hilarious way to help you hone your skill and gain more points.

Worms Crazy Golf has great customization options as well. Customize the name, hat, club, speech and balls of your worm. Not only can you pick which club you will use during gameplay, but control the direction and aim of your swing while adding spin to the ball. The tools are all there to help navigate the crazy courses. Learning all of these little set ups does take time, and expect to replay courses quite a bit until you get it down. The fun little characters and entertaining animations will keep you engaged and only motivate you to reach that higher score.

To sum it all up, this app has fun characters, challenging puzzle like courses yet rooted in a familiar game of golf. Worms Crazy Golf is universal for iPhone and iPad and is available in the app store now for only $2.99.


Worms Crazy Golf - Team17 Software Ltd


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