WutzWhere iPhone Re-Review

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Keen eyed readers may notice that we have covered WutzWhere before. You can take a look at my original WutzWhere iPhone Review here, where the app scored a very respectable 88%. I liked the fact that it was one of only very few apps that actually covered my local area, in addition to providing some features that other apps simply didn’t have. Here is an excerpt from the review:

Overall, this is one of the best apps in its class. It may not be as attractive as its peers, but it arguably offers more information and a wider variety of options. The free version is good, but the premium version of the app is excellent and one of the best of its kind I have used. If WutzWhere was touched up a little bit and the visual elements improved, this could skyrocket.

The developer of the app has since added a lot of new features to the app, and also offers up a comprehensive new Website, MobileAppGuy that co exists alongside the app. The site has a lot of details about the app, including plenty of media such as a 15 minute overview of what the app can do.wutzwhere2

One of my very few complaints about the previous versions of the app has been that I felt it needed to be tidied up a little, with the visual elements needling work. Thankfully, the developer took note, and the app does seem to look a little crisper in my eyes, and things seem to flow a little better. The new customisable buttons are a great touch, and add some real personality to the app.

The developer’s site goes into a lot of details about the new features and bug fixes, such as the latest version, 2.3:

1) The Review, Photo, and Send Msg buttons on the Venue screen were being overlaid by banner ads. People who downloaded the Lite (free) version of WutzWhere on an iPhone 4s were not able to click on these buttons. This release removes the ads so that these buttons can be accessed regardless of the iPhone model.
2) Fixes issues that caused app to abort when the last row was being deleted on the History by Name screen.
3) Adds rating, price, and venue type even when venue address is not found on the Venue screen.

This latest version, as with previous versions, is unsurpassed in the information it gives you. Places and venues all have information such as WiFi, credit card acceptance, parking and much more. You can choose to sort venues by customer ratings, which is a superb little feature that makes superior to many bigger budget apps, and there are many other ways to sort your results.

The built-in sat nav options and messaging features are as good as ever, and superbly integrated into the design.

WutzWhere is still one of the very best apps of its type available, and the new features and lick of paint only make it even more appealing. The score below reflects that, so lets hope WutzWhere starts to get the attention it deserves.


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Simon Burns is the editor and founder of VoxelArcade and The Smartphone App Review. He has been a fan of technology for over twenty five years and loves playing with gadgets and spending time with his family. You can get in touch with him via the ‘contact us’ section of the site or on Twitter by following @smartappreview

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  1. I really love using this App. I travel quite a bit all over the place and I am not always familiar where restaurants or hotel in a new city are located. WutzWhere automatically figures out where I am based upon my current latitude and longitude. At the click of a button I can find out all kinds of information using this App. I paid $1.99 for the premium version which gives me access to the All Venues and Directions buttons. When you press the All Venues button, over 600 new search options are presented. I was looking for Chinese restaurants for example, and WutzWhere gave me over 25 different types of Chinese food to search for. I especially like the way the Photos button lets me look at up to 50 photos for a given venue.

    I HIGHLY recommend this app to anyone, especially to those of you who travel and want to what’s where in a given area. Hats off to the developers of this outstanding app!

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