XNSPY Android and iPhone Review

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Apps that claim to be able to give you full parental control over a mobile device are becoming ever more popular on Android and iOS. The problem is, most of them don’t do the job to a large enough extent, and get bogged down by offering just a few features instead of the raft of functionality that you might demand from such an app.

XNSPY is here to offer just about every parental or employee monitoring service you could possibly want. The app literally does everything you might need from a monitoring app, and gives you the information in an easy to understand and intuitive style.

The app, which can be downloaded from here for the sum of $8.33 per month, is comprehensive in its approach. You need access to the handset that you are going to be monitoring, and it only needs to be installed once, where it then runs along quietly in the background. Then, the person who is monitoring the device gets access to a Web-based control panel where everything that happens on that device gets recorded. xnspy

Apps, messages from texts to WhatsApp, phone call logs, pictures; just about anything that happens on the phone will be reported back to the control panel almost instantaneously. You can even remotely record phone calls.

Here, straight from the developer, are the app’s best features:

  • Check your children’s call logs to see if they’re talking to someone you don’t trust
  • Record phone calls of your employees to make sure they’re not giving confidential company information away
  • Track GPS location of your kids or fleet staff to make sure they are safe
  • Read through their WhatsApp, iMessage, Viber and Skype chats, and all the multimedia they share through the IMs
  • Check through your employees emails to make sure your files are being forwarded to rivals
  • Monitor their internet browsing to see what websites they visit
  • Get instant alerts on the smartphone/tablet activities of your kids or employees
  • Easy, hassle-free installation that doesn’t take more than a minute
  • Compatible with all iPhones, iPads and Android devices
  • Helpful 24/7 customer support that guides you through any problem you may have

The app and Web-based user interface work very well, with the Website in particular, very well designed. Browsing through things on a person’s phone is very easy indeed and there is very little lag when photos and videos are selected.

This app has many uses, primarily as a parental control service, but can also be used to monitor company owned phones in the hands of employees. For the low price per month, this is a must buy for the professional user, and is hard to resist for parents.

Overall, this is a completely comprehensive and feature packed app that will serve to help you protect your child while they remain unaware of the fact their parents know of their every action. The app can be obtained here for both iOS and Android.



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Simon Burns is the editor and founder of VoxelArcade and The Smartphone App Review. He has been a fan of technology for over twenty five years and loves playing with gadgets and spending time with his family. You can get in touch with him via the ‘contact us’ section of the site or on Twitter by following @smartappreview


  1. Hi Simon,

    Thanks for the great review for XNSPY.

    As you stated in the article, it costs $8.33 per month and I think it is price friendly for most of the people.

    Anyone can use their Live Demo to see if this spy app is what they need.

    • Xnspy does not work on most of the latest android phones.

      It was dissapointing that I paid for their premium pack for a year.

      On my brand new moto Z play, I had rooted to install the Xnspy.
      I had ensured that there is no antivirus or any pre-installed security apps.

      Only location and gallery gets updated and it is very slow.

      None of the features work on the latest phones.

      The tech team wanted the device rebooted and app re-installed several
      times during the troubleshoot and I held the device with me for testing it for about a week
      before handing over to my employee. Still all in vain. Their refund policy has a 10 days mark.
      I dont know If these guys will be genuine enough to refund in case of failure.

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