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Yabb, available for both Android(version reviewed) and iOS, from the Google Play store and the Apple iTunes App Store respectively, is an excellent all round messaging app that offers far deeper features than a lot of other, similar apps.

The app starts off by getting you to register with your mobile number, which is an easy and painless way to keep things as secure and as flexible as possible. Once this has been done, you are free to start using the app and adding contacts from your phone or various online accounts you have linked. The app is intelligent enough to keep duplicates as limited as possible, while also knowing when others are already using Yabb.yabb

When you have a few friends added, you can start chats and play around with what Yabb has to offer. In my experience, Yabb is all about offering features and content within the app that you would normally have to go outside the app to access. For example, when you post a picture in a chat, you can choose to use one from your phone or snap a new one with your camera, which is the same as every other app, but where Yabb makes the difference is in the filters you can add to your picture, without ever having to leave Yabb. It works beautifully, as does the superb YouTube integration that allows you to browse, view and crucially, insert any YouTube video into a chat, all within a streamlined and intuitive interface that flows very naturally.

The app allows you to send great animated emoticons, in addition to sound files and maps. There are a wealth of other features, such as the excellent ‘whisper’ messages that you can send that will self destruct after a set period (and removing the need for yet another app), which is in addition to other security features like private messages and the ability to hide the recipients of Shout Out messages from other recipients.

There is also a comprehensive group chat function, with plenty of options that certain other services are crying out for. The free voice calls and messaging features will save you a lot of money, especially with media files able to be sent for free.

You can even meet new people via Yabb, with locals showing up if they choose to do so, and the ability to do local general Shout Outs. Contacts can also be easily shared between users for easier community building.

Overall, Yabb is a simple and easy to use chat and voice calling app that offers a wealth of great features for free. Highly recommended.


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