Yoga FREE iPhone Review

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We recently reviewed another one of this developer’s apps, All-in Yoga, and came away suitably pleased with that app, with the amount of content available far exceeding what is usually available in other Yoga apps. Not only that, but we also liked the user interface and basic attractiveness, and scored the app very highly indeed.

So, can this app, Yoga FREE, live up to the high standard of the previous review?

Luckily, the answer to that is ‘yes’, although there are understandably fewer features in this free incarnation of Yoga.

Here, in the words of the developer, are the app’s main features:

– Detailed text instructions and photos of poses.
– All poses are conveniently grouped according to level and type.

– Fast Mode is the perfect tool to help you build your ideal program!
– Create and edit your program quickly and easily: choose from the list of poses.
– Set the duration of each pose.
– Order, delete, and add new poses!

– Pleasantly glide through your workout program with the help of voice-over guidance. Plus use photos, and the clock, which automatically counts down the duration of each pose.
– Watch a professional female yogi demonstrate poses.
– Listen to music as you work out!
– Got a call or received an SMS during your workout? No worries! The app will automatically pick up right where you left off.

– Calendar: Browse through your training history to track your activity.
– Be inspired to reach new heights every day: find an encouraging quote from famous yoga enthusiasts in the Calendar.
– Choose your own tracks from the iPod player!

The training mode is really helpful, and the poses are all well instructed and not beyond the reach of beginners. If you want a good yoga routine, check out this site: yoga routines, and there is also a decent site for yoga music.

Overall, this is a really nice app with plenty of poses, the ability to listen to your own iPod music, some nice quotes to find and plenty more. The app is completely free, so if you are looking for a free yoga app, then this really is well worth checking out right away.

YOGA Free: 250 Poses & Yoga Classes - ARAWELLA CORPORATION


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