Yumby Toss iPhone Review

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Yumby Toss for iPhone is what I call a ‘grower’. Initially the game seems like a me-too release, riding on the back of Angry Birds, but slowly but surely, bit by bit, Yumby Toss grows on you until you find yourself relishing each of the bite sized puzzle stages.

This is unusual for me, as you can imagine, I go through a lot of games like this, and most of them are more of a chore than anything else, so to actually enjoy an Angry Birds style game is a rare thing. Perhaps it is unfair to call this an Angry Birds clone, as the mechanic here is based on throwing instead of the usual catapult, and you also get a far higher degree of control over proceedings in Yumby Toss, as you can steer the characters in the air here.

That is not to say that Yumby Toss is perfect, but we will go into that a little later.

The title is a 2D, side on game where the objective is to throw little ‘Yumby’ characters through the air, dodging and destroying obstacles in an attempt to collect all the cakes on each stage. There are also Gobbler enemies to try and avoid or fight. There are plenty of stages and worlds to unlock and explore, each offering new challenges and objects.

You have a few different characters to choose from on each stage, with each one created to perform a certain task, so one character is great at slicing balloons, while another is better at beating blocks, and there is a guy that specialises in killing Gobblers. This mix of abilities, coupled with some frankly superb level design, that really makes the game what it is. When I say ‘superb level design’ I mean it, as there are some really great designs here that manage to combine difficulty and fun.

The levels are great, I am also rather fond of the graphical style. It may not be the most technically accomplished graphics engine, but it has a character to it that I like. I also like the way the developer has gone to the effort of adding the incidental animations, like when the characters bump into things, for example.

I do have one major reservation with the game, however. When you throw one of the characters, you can tap one of two arrows to fly either higher or lower, and when this is combined with the throwing mechanic, you are given an extremely high level of control over proceedings. I feel that there is perhaps too much control here, and that this makes the game too forgiving in many respects. I would prefer that the game limited the unlimited moves to either just one character, reduced the moves to a maximum of three, or had the effect of each subsequent move after the first reduced.

The game, aside from that issue, is great. With plenty of levels, Game Center integration, powers ups and more, Yumby Toss is a game that, if you give it enough time, will grow on you and sink its claws into you.

Yumby Toss - PlayGearz, Inc.


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