Zombie Fleet iPhone Review

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Zombie Fleet - ChillycodeZombie Fleet is a brand new game from the developers over at Chillycode, and is an interesting mix of physics based puzzling and zombie squashing. The game sees you take on the role of the last remaining alive space marine in a massive fleet. Everyone else has been turned into flesh eating zombies, and the gravity is off, so it is up to you to kill as many zombies as you can before the derelict fleet reaches Earth.

The game takes place in a zero gravity environment, and the only way to move the marine around the ship is via a set of the ship’s built in magnets. Each room takes place on a single screen, and it is up to you to figure out how to get to the exit while collecting as many pickups as you can and killing any zombies that you may find.

Zombies can be killed when you are moving at high speed, and as you only get a certain amount of magnet power per level, you must really think ahead and plan strategically to get through each mission in the shortest time and with the maximum points.

There are also a variety of obstacles to hinder your progress, such as lasers, barriers and force fields. It is only through mastering these elements that you will have a chance.

The game is pretty difficult, at least at first. The concept of the magnets, and using them correctly is tricky, but you do start to get into the swing of it after a few levels. In particular, the concept of momentum is used heavily here, so it is an idea to get out of the habit of just whacking the magnets on full pelt, and it is also important to learn how to use different kinds of magnets together to find the correct trajectory. The level designs are good, with some levels standing out as better than others, but these outstanding levels are not as frequent as I would have liked, as there are a few too many forgettable, but not bad, stages here.

Many levels will appear almost impossible at first glance, but a nifty use of the magnets and obstacles will get you through most of the levels. There is surprisingly a fair bit of blood and guts in the game, but not to worry as it is all in a cartoon style and pretty comedic. The physics on display are pretty impressive.

The graphics are pretty good, with full Retina support. It all looks sharp and refined, but I would have liked some extra incidental animations throughout the game to make each room look more alive. The issue is that is just feels like you are pushing a graphic around each stage, and some extra animation here and there, not only on the characters but on the levels themselves, would go a long way to fixing this.

There is an impressive 90 levels to play through, covering three ships of the fleet, and the developer promises that more are to come. There is also full Game Center integration, with online leaderboards and achievements to keep you coming back for more, and overall, there is enough content here to justify the fair 99c price.

I liked my time with Zombie Fleet. It is a decent setting for a game, and the combination of simple controls and complicated solutions works, and there are plenty of levels to get your teeth into. Some extra animations to enhance the atmosphere would be welcome, as would an increase in the percentage of great levels. Overall, this is a good puzzle game that shows a developer with a lot of potential.

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Zombie Fleet - Chillycode


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