Zombie Food iPhone Review

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Zombie Food – No Candy for Halloween this year, available for iPhone and iPad through the Apple iTunes App Store, is a cute and reliable cave flier that can provide plenty of spooky entertainment.

The game sets you with the task of flying along a set of levels that offer up predetermined routes and courses. The game moves automatically, and you must dodge and weave your way around hundreds of enemies that come in the form of haunted food, such as evil watermelons, tomatoes and meatballs.

The first, and most important, thing about any game of the type is the collision detection. It has to be good or the game might become unfair and frustrating, and I am happy to report that the developer has got this aspect just right, and you never feel hard done by, with most deaths your own fault which is as it should be.

I am even happier to report that the game has different chapters to complete, and isn’t just one endless drone. Some chapters even bring special abilities, such as being able to very briefly go invisible or to even attack using electric shocks.

In essence, that game feel like a cross between an endless flier and a more traditional shoot ’em up in its mechanics, and that is a very good thing.

Here, straight from the developer, are the app’s best features:zombie food

!! 5 different chapters with progressing difficulty and different scenery

!! 18 unique hand drawn and fully animated game characters

!! 4 special skills to learn as you progress through the gameplay

!! invisibility-mode – hide for about a second

!! barbecue-mode – collect garlic to ignite the grill

!! electrical shock attack – very effective

!! twister attack – spin them all around

!! great visual effects such as fire, smoke and sparks

!! 4 atmospheric soundtracks

!! intuitive controls using taps & swipes

The game is a bit of a hidden gem in the App Store, and if you can cope with the chaos you will have a great time. I liked the fact that the game has chapters, but I would like more added, as I enjoyed the sense of progression that each chapter offered with its new abilities so much that I was disappointed when I had no more to complete. Hopefully the developer is already working on new levels.

The graphics are good, and pretty smooth. The characters are well designed and follow the same theme throughout, and I loved the fact that each chapter has its own background; a features that should be a prerequisite on games like this, as the amount of games that lazily use one stale background for the entire game is astounding.

Overall, this is a great little game with plenty to love. There is a free version if you are not convinced, but I recommend that anyone who is looking for a flier game with a bit more quality and variety than usual should look this one up.


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