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ZookCity, available for iPhone and iPad through the Apple iTunes App Store, is a throughly useful app that patches many holes in the event planning abilities of the most popular social networks.

Let’s face it, when it comes to organising an event or meeting with many people, Facebook and other social networks are positively threadbare. ZookCity adds many features to what other services offer, all in an attractive and extremely usable app that works superbly on just about every level.

Inviting friends, organising an event and even group messaging is simple and intuitive, and the built-in local places of interest information makes changing plans and keeping track of what everyone is doing supremely easy.

Here, straight from the developer, are the app’s best features:zookcity

• Fast and easy mobile event planning and impromptu invitations

• Invite your friends from your phone contacts, Facebook, or directly by email and phone• Create groups to invite the same friends again

• Instant RSVP in app or on website, keep track of everyone

• Discover local concerts, sporting events, theater performances, and buy tickets

• Explore nearby locations and places to hang out

• Check out other cities across the world

• Coordinate your events with group messaging

• Upload and share photos around events

• Share favorite locations and events with friends

• Notifications and reminders• Powered by Yelp and SeatGeek

The ability to import Facebook friends, alongside phone and email contacts is an important element, as is the excellent and instantaneous RSVP options. I liked the way you can explore other cities, which acts a little bit like a travel guide for the places you have not yet visited. It is important to remember that the app is also completely free.

One really important advantage this app has is the ability to use the ZookCity Website instead of the app- this could prove vital if you have friends without smartphones or with phones that are not compatible with the app.

It is even possible to upload pictures you have taken whilst at the event you have organised; great for teasing those laterunners with what they are missing!

Overall, this is a very decent little package that could prove to be super useful for organising trips, days out and nights on the town. With a wealth of options your friends will never have another excuse for not turning up.



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