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itunes iconThere are so many different social apps out there it seems like they couldn’t come out with anything new at this point. Then again never doubt the force that is creativity. Zoom Social – Real-time, local buzz with trending photos by Locus Social, Inc. wants to show you Twitter like you never have before.

Zoom Social allows you to see not only the trends on Twitter, but specifically the location of those trends. Here is the app’s full description:

Zoom Social is like your own personalized CNN: it helps you Shake, Locate and Share real-time, location-based photos and text content using Zoom Social image 2your smartphone.

Discovering and perusing location-based photos, tweets, and other social media content using your smartphone has never been easier. With Zoom Social, you can examine in real-time the trending location-based photos and text-based social media content that everyone is buzzing about all over the map.

Have a photo to share or something to say? With Zoom Social you can easily post what you are doing or seeing in real-time with photos and text on Twitter. Getting started takes only a few seconds. Best of all, you can shake your smartphone after you share photos or text and instantly see your posts on the Zoom Social map.

Searching for something in particular? Zoom Social displays the top trending keywords and hashtags that are generating buzz. Shake your phone and the app zooms into photo and text map tiles. Swipe outward with two fingers to zoom back out. Do this anywhere on the map to see the most popular location-based photos of people, events, etc. as they are taking place —directly on the Zoom Social map!

Tap a photo or text tile to visually browse real-time discussions taking place around location-based content.

How it works? Zoom Social gathers location-based photos and text content from Twitter (with Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook data coming soon), and displays them on an interactive map. With brand new patent-pending technology, designed to conserve and maximize your smart phone’s battery life, you can now explore what’s going on in the world in a new, easier, and more convenient way.

Download Zoom Social now to start zooming into what’s trending in your neighborhood or the entire U.S.

Just Zoom It!

◆Directly communicate with people behind the content (Re-tweet, star your favorite tweets, and respond to tweets)
◆Go to the address you specify
◆Share screenshot
◆Standard, Hybrid, and Satellite map settings
◆Show points of interest, buildings, and/or labels above pictures
◆Search by trends, by pictures, or by mentions
◆Upload photos

◆Shake to Zoom level
◆Show Friends’ Tweets
◆Twitter Account
◆Contact form
◆Terms and Privacy

Getting started is easy. Just sign up and add your Twitter account. Once your information is logged in, you will instantly see an array of pictures on a map. To see what is going on around your location, just shake your phone. Zoom Social will zoom into the map at your location and load recent Twitter updates from your area. Pinch the map out or in to expand or narrow the results. Sort the map by Trends and Mentions, or share your own post right from the app to Twitter. Even retweet or star others posts without leaving Zoom Social.

What I really like about this approach is it’s not just showing you the people you are following or connected to. If there is a location in the tweet, it places it on the map. If you feel like you are missing out on an event you can zoom into that location and see real time posts and pictures from that event. This could also be a great news tool too. If there are a ton of posts in an area, it could be that something important or newsworthy is happening, and you can check it out right from your smartphone. Though Twitter can show you tweets around you and hashtag trends, the ability to explore by location gives you a real advantage. If you want to see what is happening in another country you can. Just search that location and see the most recent posts by those in the area. It makes something that is very big feel not quite so.

Zoom Social – Real-time, local buzz with trending photos is a quick and easy way to check what is going on around you, and around the world. The app is available in the App Store for free and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.


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