Zooper ABC Animals iPhone Review

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itunes iconChildren’s apps are very important these days. With kiddos using tablets and computers more and more it makes sense to gear their play towards learning. In the sea of apps, which ones do you pick? Zooper Dooper Edutainment Inc. has an app you should definitely check out first.

Zooper ABC Animals is an app focused on teaching little ones their ABCs with a charming design and humorous characters. Here is some of the app’s description:

Zooper ABC Animals—including Bubble Blowing Bees and Disco Dancing Dogs—provides animation, rhymes, sound effects, letter tracing, guessing games and phonics. Zooper ABC Animals image 2As an extra treat, it also offers 26 Zooper Dooper Bloopers—hilarious outtakes for each animal that lead to hours of additional entertainment. More:

Zooper ABC Animals invites pre-schoolers to explore, interact, play, laugh and learn the ABCs! What’s really exciting is that research shows that humor plays a big part in a child’s intellectual, social and emotional development. From A to Z, Zooper ABC Animals encourages lots of laughing and learning for kids—and parents.

Learn About:
– All 26 letters of the alphabet
– Phonics and the sound of each letter  
– How to apply the sound of a letter to different objects that start with that letter
– How to write upper and lower case letters
– The joy of interactivity and discovery to encourage learning

– 26 letters—each with its own animated animal and professionally-voiced rhymes.
– Learn to write by tracing upper and lower case letters for the alphabet—complete with a variety of sound effects. 
– Phonics pronunciation.
– Guessing game to discover a range of items that start with each letter of the alphabet.
– 26 Zooper Dooper Bloopers—watch the animals make funny outtake mistakes during ‘filming.’
– Optional sound or silent mode.
– Kid-friendly navigation.
– No third-party advertising.
– No in-app purchases.
– No rules, scores, time limits or stress.

When starting the Zooper ABC Animals app your child is greeted by all of the letters of the alphabet. Tap any letter and an animated animal character will appear that begins with that letter. A voice will state the letter and say a little poem full of words that begin with the letter chosen. There are also sound effects that go with the scene, for example, B is for Bumblebee which shows the animated bumblebee with buzzing noises in the background. The images and poems are very cute and the voice over is friendly and appealing.

While in the letter selection you can then choose to practice writing the letter or play a game where you select objects that begin with the letter. Once all of the objects are shown, the player is rewarded with a short video called a Zooper Dooper Blooper. It features the poem and animal like before but as a blooper that was done while filming the original. These are very entertaining and sure to motivate your child to finishing the games. There are a few settings to choose from, including an option for the app to let you read it instead of the voiceover playing. You can also turn the sounds on and off if you wish. A parent section is also included with a synopsis of the company and program.

Zooper ABC Animals is a joy to play for any young one looking to learn their ABCs. It is delightful, soothing, and more important to me as a parent, not noisy and annoying like a lot of other children’s apps can be. The app is available now in the App Store for $2.99 and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.


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