App Deals of the Day 2

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We have scoured the interwebs to bring you the latest and greatest app deals for the day! And not just iPhone and iPad, but Android and Windows 7 as well. With app store prices fluctuating like the stock market, it just doesn’t make sense to pay full price! So check back everyday for your daily deal updates. And remember, app prices are subject to change at anytime.



The Magic Egg
$1.99 – $0.99
Solve the mystery of the Magic Egg Tangram! The ancient puzzle game is now available as a Universal App for the IPhone, IPad and IPod Touch.

RoboSockets: Link Me Up
$1.99 – FREE
Build connections between broken robots to create chains of five or more. Each cleared chain fills up the energy bar to your left.

Happy Theme Park
$3.99 – FREE
Create the five-star theme park of your dreams! You are just a download away from building and customizing your very own Theme Park!

Gravity Guys
$0.99 – FREE
In a world where gravity laws were broken,  a brave guy, was held captive for defying the rules. Not happy, he decided to escape, being the first one to run for his life flipping gravity at will.

Trucks and Skulls NITRO
$0.99 – FREE
Demolish skull fortifications on Hell’s Highway, The Haunted Wastelands, Industrial Armageddon, Demon Town, Iceopolis, and the airless wastes of the Moon!



Visual Pompts Board
$9.99 – FREE
Visual Prompts Board offers to enhance communication abilities for individuals with limited speech communication skills.

Alphabet Animals HD
$1.99 – FREE
Alphabet Animals is an innovative app that can help kids to learn letters. It is shown by pictures, pronunciations and different colors, for helping your kids to learn letters in happy mood.

LipMe HD
$0.99 – FREE
Do you do a killer impression? With LipMe, you can pay homage to, or poke fun at anyone from your best friend to the president by recording and sharing your own funny impersonation!!!

Gyroscope Toolbox HD
$1.99 – FREE
A Level app that does not need a hardware store level (or certified level surface) to level itself!



$2.99 – $1.49
Use mirrors and prisms to split or combine colored lasers, while interacting with various environmental objects.

Last Stand
$2.42 – $2.22
Pinned down, you have only a few wooden barricades, elite carpentry skills and a military surplus store to protect you from evisceration.

Death Worm
$2.99 – $0.99
Control the mind-boggling underground monster with your finger! Eat people, animals and birds, blow up cars and tanks, bring down planes and helicopters, defeat the army and even the aliens!

$1.99 – FREE
Based on the classic asteroids game that we all know and love.


Windows 7

Gold Miner!
$0.99 – FREE
Travel around a cave and collect gold. Avoid the creatures and gold cart. Dig holes and trap the creatures.

$0.99 – FREE
GPS based app that tracks your average and peek speed, altitude and distance during the week/month.

$0.99 – FREE
How many days till Christmas? Or your birthday? Or the New Year? Keep track of as many dates as you want in this simple and easy-to-use app!


App prices are subject to change.


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