Capture Great Firework Pictures With Your iPhone

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It’s 4th of July weekend, and for everyone celebrating, that probably means wearing out your iPhone’s built in camera with pictures of friends, family and of course those bright shiny lights in the sky. The iPhone is definitely not the highest quality camera in the world but it is the most convenient. With a few helpful tips, you can avoid a dark out of focus blur of a fireworks display.

The first thing is to keep the phone steady. A tripod is the best option, but if one is not accessible try resting it somewhere to keep the phone still. Second, make sure the HDR setting is off. Fireworks are very quick and will be harder to capture if it is taking multiple shots. Third, take the pictures without using the flash. The flash on the iPhone is too small to light up the area you are capturing to make a big difference. Finally don’t use the digital zoom. Zooming onto the display will make your photo larger but it will also cause added noise to your photo. Make sure to focus on the firework by tapping the screen.

Voila! Perfect pictures of your independence weekend. So pull out that iPhone and take pictures like a pro. For more tips on getting that fabulous shot check out



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