FIFA 12 Launches on Xperia Play – Free!

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The Xperia Play version of FIFA 12 has launched, and has been made available for free by EA and Sony. Yes, that’s right the entire, brand new version of FIFA 12 for the princely sum of zero dollars. Not bad eh?

The game is accessible through the Xperia Play launcher, but be warned there is a massive 1.5Gb data download that gets plonked right on your SD card, so make sure you are fully charged, on Wi-Fi and have enough free space on your card. The game doesn’t use much internal memory however, which is something to be grateful for.

The game is a temporary exclusive for Xperia Play, at least among other Android handsets. Fear not if you don’t own an Xperia Play as the game will eventually be made available to other Android phones early next year.

So, how does this version stack up against the iPhone game that we recently reviewed? Well, there is one huge loss- manager mode. Why this has been omitted is a mystery and is a big disappointment. Strange choice EA.

Graphically, this isn’t quite as sharp as the iOS version, with a few jagged edges around the players and a fair bit of slowdown if you choose a distant camera. This is more than made up for by the new physical controls and the game really does feel like what you would imagine a PSP version would play like.

So, for free we can’t complain but lets hope that EA gets around to adding the bizarrely missing manager mode by the time they decide to charge for the game.


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