The Smartphone App Review is a year old! Have a FREE game to say thanks!

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Well, it seems like an eternity to the staff here, but it is hard to believe that we have only just gone past our first birthday. We have grown from being a single person, part-time operation to having a team with a full-time editor, two other core writers and another three contributors.

In that short time we have grown into one of the most honest and professional app review sites on the web, and one of the very few that cover so many platforms. We have featured iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, Android, Xperia Play and until recently, webOS. It is this diversity that has helped us to grow so fast.

Life here at TSAR towers was massively improved by our great, talented core writing team, Brihanna Watson and Oliver Stockley, and I want to personally thank them for doing much and asking for so little in return. A shout out must also go to our occasional contributors, Leon, Christina and Samantha as well as our excellent friend, Brett over at AppAddict.

We want to thank you, our fabulous readers most of all. We know from our stats that a great many of you are regular, returning visitors so we wanted to thank you all in style.

So, we asked our friends over at TerraNovita Software to extend the period that they are offering their game, apzOrb HD for free, just for you.

The game is a beautiful action game with a hint of puzzling and emphasis on chaining for high scores. If you have ever played Flow on the PS3 and wanted something similar for you iOS device then this is the game for you, and for free you can’t go wrong. It is kind of like Snake beefed up to the Nth degree.

A universal app that will work both on iPhone and iPod Touch as well as iPad, the game has a great look combined with super smooth gameplay.

You can download the app here:

apzOrb HD - TerraNovita Software

So, thank you to the guys over at TerraNovita for generously agreeing to extend their offer for us. Thanks to you for visiting and we hope to bring you another year of great reviews, news and features!

UPDATE: The free period has come to an end, hope you all managed to grab the game!


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Simon Burns is the editor and founder of VoxelArcade and The Smartphone App Review. He has been a fan of technology for over twenty five years and loves playing with gadgets and spending time with his family. You can get in touch with him via the ‘contact us’ section of the site or on Twitter by following @smartappreview


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