The Top 5 Safety Technologies To Help Prevent Car Accidents

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By: Erin Konrad

Car accidents are scarily common in the United States – view here for assistance. Luckily, recent improvements in technology have shown that our vehicles can be equipped with a number of safety systems that can actually save our lives. Here are the top five safety technologies that can help to prevent automobile crashes. You can navigate to this website to view information on the same.

1. Blind Spot Warnings

Some newer models of cars come with blind spot detection and monitoringThe vehicle actually lets you know if there’s a car in your blind spot with a light inside or near your side mirrors, and of course the right lighting and you can get LED bulbs for cars vans and trucks here for this purpose. If you attempt to change lanes when there’s a vehicle in your blind spot, some cars will even alert you with a vibration in your steering wheel or your seat. If your vehicle doesn’t come with this feature, you can also install your own mirrors. Just read up on some blind spot mirror reviews to see which ones will work best for your car. The attorneys for workers comp cases in Raleigh area can help victims get what they truly deserve.

2. Electronic Stability Control

This feature (also called ESC) works as an automatic braking of your wheels to prevent the heading from changing too quickly (causing a spin out) or not quickly enough (causing a plow out). ESC is a crash avoidance technology that works to prevent your car from sliding out of control by applying the brakes or reducing your engine power.

3. Emergency Braking

Emergency braking works with forward collision warnings to let you know if there’s anything on the road in front of you that might cause a crash (including other vehicles, pedestrians, or animals). If the system determines there’s a potential for a collision, it alerts the driver with a light or alarm and can automatically apply the brakes as well. In case of a problem one could view at their website for legal expert advice.

4. Lane Departure Warnings

Lane departure warnings alert the driver (with beeps, dashboard lights, or a vibration of the steering wheel) if the vehicle is starting to drift into another lane. Some systems have lane departure prevention, which means the car will actually steer itself back into the right lane.

5. Cross-Traffic Alerts

This feature works to let the driver know if there’s a vehicle approaching from the side (so you’ll know if there’s a vehicle too close if you’re backing out of a parking space or crossing an intersection). Some systems also have automatic braking, which can be a huge help to prevent fender benders.

Keep safety first by making sure your vehicle has all of these helpful safety technologies!


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