The VirtualPBX® Softphone Review

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According to slideshare, “The softphone app makes telecommuting easier for employees and this has wide-ranging benefits. Company productivity increases 10-20%, and 36% of the workforce prefer telecommuting over a pay raise, saving employers money.” In other words, the use of softphone options has become more than a phenomenon!

For instance, available for iOS and Android, the VirtualPBX softphone has started a revolution among business road warriors, telecommuters and business owners worldwide. Thanks to this clever app, you can turn your computer, smartphone or other devices into a fully featured VoIP PBX softphone.

If you download the VirtualPBX softphone app, you can receive and make calls over your own data connection, over your virtual PBX system, regardless of your location. On top of that, any outgoing call shows your business phone number instead of your personal number. Nevertheless, the greatness of this app lies in its ability to let users rely on all of the advanced features of a PBX business telephone systems like the ones offered by specialized companies such as TelcoDepot.

Included Capabilities

There is a broad range of ways you can take advantage of the VirtualPBX softphone app. Check out some of its capabilities:9032550889_52fd6f5a10

  • High quality calls can be made over 3G, 4G as well as Wi-Fi connections.
  • All conventional VirtualPBX features (accessible to every VoIP system extension) are also accessible.
  • If you make calls using your VirtualPBX system, you can cut costs on roaming charges.
  • This app plays announcements or beep tones to your callers when they are put on hold to alert them.
  • Just as the mobile version, the PC softphone option works as an extra VoIP line on any VirtualPBX account.
  • Outgoing calls use your business phone number, rather than your personal phone number.
  • Improved security with Virtual PBX’s top-of-the-line provisioning system.
  • Immediate access to your Virtual PBX main menu just by pressing a key.
  • Easily dial any other extensions, just by using the extension number.
  • Personalized on hold music, voicemail, company greetings and more.
  • Real-time logs, monitoring of calls and reports with explicit records.
  • Unified voice messaging- voicemails are sent to your email address.
  • Record both incoming and outgoing calls on demand or automatically.


Keep in mind that this application needs to be registered to your VirtualPBX VoIP system. This means that, if you don’t have one yet, you must get VirtualPBX.



Overall, there have been enhancements in the additional performance and stability. Check them out:

  • Security enhancements (OpenSSL).
  • Improvements for Push Notification feature.
  • The in-call Microphone Mute button has been improved, now featuring a diagonal line throughout the microphone.


Where to Download

Download the VirtualPBX softphone app to put a softphone on your VirtualPBX account. The useful app is available via the Apple iTunes Store or Google Play, the Apple iTunes Store. Visit the VirtualPBX website to make an appointment with the Account Services team if you are interested in getting the desktop version.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, with the VirtualPBX softphone’s state-of-the-art calling features, you protect your business while looking more professional. In addition, with this app you might help your company’s budget whenever your employees are on business trips abroad. With VoIP Anywhere, you can also rely on making calls on your softphone and Wi-Fi connection, getting a U.S. dial tone. Therefore, your calls simply use your business’ plan minutes.


Providing numerous benefits for businesses and staff members, this VirtualPBX softphone is, hands down, the best one available in the market. We hope this information comes in handy. Please feel free to share your opinion about VirtualPBX softphone app in the comments section below. We would love to hear your thoughts.



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