Windows Phone 8 May Have October Launch

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According to the swirling news of the interwebs, Windows Phone 8 will be set to launch October 29th. This will be just days after the desktop version hits the market.

There has been no confirmation from Microsoft on this date as of yet. What is known is October is already expected to be filled with tablet launches for Windows 8. The release of the mobile version along with the others seems to only make sense. The extra attention and news could also help Microsoft detract from the Apple September hype.

All I know for sure is, September and October are going to be huge for the mobile industry.


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  1. Brihanna Watson on

    I can’t wait for the new iPhone. Really want to see what all they have added, as I still think my iPhone 4 is a solid device. Glad to see some competition though. The Windows phone is definitely beautiful to look at.

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