13 Dungeons Android Review

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RPG card games have definitely picked up some steam on mobile devices with almost any character world or franchise you can think of with some kind of themed game. A lot of them can be very complicated unless you are just familiar with how they work. For something a little more stripped down for the basic digital card gamer is 13 Dungeons -rpg card game app by N3cr0sz.

Here is the app’s full description:

Do you have what it takes to be a mathematical dungeon explorer !? Defeat monsters and rack exp in this awesome rpg card game where you play cards from your hand to match enemies levels and advance to the next dungeon ! Enjoy !! 😀

Starting the app you will be greeted by an eerie dungeon scene. Tap Play to begin the game and then tap on the deck to draw your hand and the monster cards. You will see the number dungeon you are in on the left of the screen along with your experience level. With the numbered cards you have acquired, now tap your cards that are equal to any monster’s card level above. Attack by tapping the monster card whose level you match. When you are out of matches, replace cards by tapping on the deck for more, while also adding one card to each monster. If a monster makes it past level 52, those points will be subtracted from your experience. Make it past 13 dungeons to win. All you have to do to pass a dungeon? Go through the entire deck once.

When you are ready to play 13 Dungeons I highly recommend you go to the Help section first for a brief explanation on how the game works. There isn’t really a tutorial so that will give you a good place to start as just tapping the first screen doesn’t give you much of a clue what to do. 13 Dungeons is really a simple card game with a lot of math involved masked as a monster attack game with a dungeon setting. Reminiscent of other digital card games like solitaire, it is fun to play but will keep your mind thinking. I didn’t have any trouble playing and once I got the hang of it, even won the game. It is definitely unlike any other game I have played and would be great to play to keep your mind busy and kill some time. Any fan of solitary digital card games are sure to be a fan. 13 Dungeons is currently $2.99 in the Google Play store. Or try the ad-supported version for free here.


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