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Social media isn’t just a way to connect anymore. It is a skill. A marketing necessity for anyone with a brand or business. With that subject, hashtagging has become increasingly important to draw attention to posts. You don’t just want anyone’s attention. You want the right attention, and picking the right hashtags can make that happen. Here to help with the process is an app from Elephant Enterprises LLC.

Hashtag #TagForCause – Tags Generator For Getting Likes and Followers On Instagram With Real Time Copy and Paste Trending Hashtags app assigns the appropriate hashtag to any photo with just the click of a button. Here are some highlights of the apps description:

Next generation hashtag helper! Get trending hashtags by uploading your photo AND raise awareness for an important cause, if you choose. Hashtags TagForCause image 2

Hashtag will sometimes show you a trending cause, for example #TagForCause #Paris and you can choose to include it in your post. Not only make your photos trend, but also raise awareness for important issues!

Best hashtag generator to help you get likes, make the trending page, and grow your Instagram following by finding tags relevant to your photo. NO need to connect your Instagram account, unlike on other hashtag apps. However, if you want guaranteed Instagram likes, you can simply buy them from BuzzVoice at just $2.97.

Hashtags analyzes a photo that you upload. Based on the results, it finds relevant tags that are trending right this second that are relevant to your photo. You can click More Tags to see more hashtags. Simply delete tags that you do not like and copy the rest. Seamlessly export your photo and tags to Instagram with one click.

Never at a loss of hashtags again!

Hashtags technology works best with well lit, striking and unusual photos and selfies. Hence it is complementary to and works with a variety of filter, photo and selfie apps such as EyeEm, Rookie Cam, TADAA, Image Sizer, Photo Candy, STEP, Instagram, FlawlessLens, and Sketch Master. Use hashtags in combination with with other apps like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, Snapchat to create funnier more engaging social media posts.

The app is easy enough. No account to sign up for and no need to login to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Just give permission to access the camera and your photos. Take a picture or choose one from your camera roll. There is no tutorial so it did take me a second or two to figure out how to pick an existing picture but I was able to solve it after some time with it. Just a tip, click on the upward arrow icon on the bottom left of the screen and wait a few seconds. Your most recent pictures will appear and you can then choose one. One other note, it only seems to populate the last 25 photos and does not scroll back farther than that, so the photo you want to use needs to be recent.

Once you add your photo the Hashtag app will analyze it and show the viral and relevant hashtags. If you want to see more hashtag suggestions, click More Tags. Delete any tags you don’t feel fit and then hit Copy to copy the ones you want to keep. Share to open the photo in Instagram and paste the hashtags in the post. Though the app functions exactly as it advertises, I didn’t feel like a lot of the hashtag results I got were relevant to the pictures I chose. A lot of them were random topics that had nothing to do with what was in the picture. I also got the same results several times no matter what picture was uploaded. I did notice however that many of the hashtags were trending topics and agree that these would be helpful to get more attention to your posts.

Hashtag #TagForCause is easy to use and could definitely help you drive those Instagram posts. The app is available now for free in the App Store and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.


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