Active Defence iPhone Review

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Active Defence challenges players’ stamina as wave after wave of tanks and clobbering attackers come rushing toward them. Navigate the turret to destroy the enemies and defend your wall victoriously. Here is the app’s full description:

Transform your fingertip into a powerful turret to protect your home from a never ending flow of enemies. Gain experience and progress further into the game to unlock special abilities like flamethrower or missile launcher. Add numerous guns, rockets and many more to your turret for more fun and power!

– Endless action gameplay
– Upgradable turret with many add-ons
– Various enemies with different play styles
– Breathtaking animations and graphics

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In a Space Invaders type arcade style, Active Defence sets you up as a turret that is aiming to defend your territory from incoming enemies. After launching the app, a tutorial immediately walks you through how to shoot enemies and activate upgrades. Simply use your finger to hold the turret and move it left and right across the screen. The turret will auto shoot so all you have to do is get it in front of the target. If you have upgraded skills available, just drag the icon anywhere onto the field to use it in that area. Pretty simple to understand and the animated tutorial makes sure of that.

Once the game starts, be ready. The attackers come running straight to the wall and you only have one timed fire rate to begin. Luckily these first gruesome thugs are easily killed with one hit, though you will have to aim precisely to insure you can keep up with the wave of them. As you conquer a stage you will gain skill points that will allow you to upgrade your weapons. Rockets, flamethrowers, and even laser beams are available as you progress.

The game design is pretty basic, with the levels or backgrounds never varying, but there are interesting enemies to face and every stage brings a different challenge. Just as you gain enough points for a new special skill, a more challenging adversary is introduced. The control of the turret works quite well, though do be careful with those foes entering close to the side of the screen as it is sometimes hard to hit them exactly. There are 12 stages included and no spammy ads to deal with.

Active Defence is a fun yet challenging shoot ’em up style game that anyone can play. The app is available now in the App Store for free. Android users can also find the game on the Google Play store.


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