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For any business, social media management is essential these days. That being said, it can also be very overwhelming for anyone to keep up with. Delegating that responsibility can be helpful to free up time and the expertise can boost business. AIMIsocial Media Marketing app uses AI to manage and expertly schedule all posts so the focus can be on the business and not around an online marketing campaign. Here is some of the app’s description from the App Store:

Create and manage social media marketing campaigns automatically with an Artificial Intelligence Marketing Interface.

I am AIMIsocial, the next evolution in social media marketing. I am built to help entrepreneurs and small businesses increase brand recognition, loyalty and engage with a broader audience – without adding more hours to your day.

You can spend more time focusing on your business and less time trying to learn or manage social media marketing on the fly. I’ll use AI to create, manage and analyze your Facebook, LinkedIn, and/or Twitter campaigns, 24/7.

Choose your industry and campaign, tell me what you’re marketing and watch your social media campaigns come to life. I will create and schedule your posts to create campaigns that last for days, weeks or months in a matter of minutes. All you have to do is approve them.

Why manage social media pages when AIMI the AI can do it? AIMIsocial requires a name, company name, email, and password information to start a new account. Once notifications are approved, a training video is displayed to walk through how to create a marketing persona, or business profile to. This includes picking the industry and location then programming the preferences for mentions and call to actions for the AI to follow. Graphic options are also available for overriding the default colors, fonts, and uploading business logos for post images. Finally, fill out a sample post to help the AI learn how best to fill out the campaign calendar. Connect Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to allow management and auto-scheduling to those social networks.

Next, AIMI sends congratulations on the new social content calendar and there is another training video to learn how it all works. Posts are created and scheduled through the calendar though everything can be edited and changed to the user’s liking. Custom posts and campaigns can be created and settings adjusted.

One thing I did notice is the app needs a more coherent list of industries for businesses. The posts are tailored for the industry selected, including graphics to go along with that industry, so if the business doesn’t fit those in the list, the posts will not be relevant. I also experienced several bugs with the app. During setup, it took me a few tries to complete my business persona. Once I did, I wanted to add another. When I changed between the profiles the industries did not change so my scheduled posts were incorrect. I was able to edit the posts to fix this but wanted to note this was a problem I encountered.

The app is free with restrictions of two posts to Facebook per month. $99.99 per month upgrades users to the Pro package and includes 50 scheduled posts for Facebook and LinkedIn with up to two personas and extra features such as image enlargement and custom campaigns. Toss in an extra $25 on top of that and get the Pro Plus plan with unlimited posts and all the bells and whistles. Is this a little pricey? Maybe, but a full time social media manger would be far more so it could still be worth looking into depending on the business.

Could AI run social media for your business? This could be the future. The AIMIsocial Media Marketing app is available now in the App Store for free. Android users can also find it on the Google Play store.


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