ATracker – Daily Task and Time Tracking Android Review

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With the hustle and bustle of everyday life today, it’s no wonder there are so many task and calendars apps. Often the stock apps on devices are not enough as users prefer multi-functionality in one app over the option of it being divided among several. ATracker – Daily Task and Time Tracking by WonderApps AB brings its very popular iOS app to Android for all of your scheduling needs. Here is some of the app’s description:

Introducing ATracker – Managing your time, beautifully.
The popular iOS time management app ATracker, is now available in Android.

ATracker is a time tracking app with an elegant minimalist user interface that is not only very easy to use, but also takes no time to set up. To start/stop time recording, you can simply tap a task from the list of all your pre-defined tasks on the main screen. Defining a unique task only needs a name, with advanced settings such as icon, color coding, timer etc as optional. ATracker creates beautiful reports in pie chart and bar chart for different tasks and time periods to assist your time spending analysis. All data can also be exported as CSV format, so user can post-process the data on PC or Mac.

ATracker has a fully customized user interface. User can choose different theme color, background, font size, language etc. It can also convert calendar entry to ATracker entry and allow user to compare the planned activity in calendar with actual time usage.

Interested? Try the free version of ATracker already today!

What can I track with ATracker –Daily Task and Time Tracking? The answer is any activities you define. Here are some examples.

* Daily routine activities at work
* Routine tasks when studying
* Time spending in various consulting projects for billing
* Your free time activities
* Your household and homemaking tasks.
* Activities of your kids.
* Activities for hobby and home projects.
… and many more

ATracker is a task app with a multitude of features. For a quick introduction, tap on the settings and then Get Started for a visual walk-through. They have also included a video demo for more familiarization. First, add tasks to your list by tapping on the icon in the top left corner. Touch the time on a task to start and stop the timer for the item you want to keep track of. Toggle between calendar and list views of the jobs added. See a complete overview of the day’s time spending easily by glancing at the top progress bar. Tasks and categories can be color coded and assigned icons for better organization. This app basically has everything; time sheets, charts, alarms, data exporting, you name it. It can be completely built to your needs and as simple or complicated as you want.

Already with a five-star rating on the Google Play store, this app is ideal for tracking not only personal chores and schedules, but business tasks as well. Keep track of time spent performing duties and then export the data into reports and email to supervisors, etc. Keep things in categories so that you can keep personal and business tasks separate. There are plenty of customizeable functions as well, including the ability to sync to the device calendar, set the first date of the week with a specific start time of day, and decorative skins. The interface is simple though there are so many options to choose from. The app is free but ad-supported, though the ads runs at the bottom of the screen and don’t interfere with the functionality of the app. For only $2.99, upgrade the account for even more features with unlimited tasks and to remove the ads.

ATracker – Daily Task and Time Tracking is the ultimate app for tracking just about anything. Having used it now myself, I can see why it is so very popular. The app is available now for Android on Google Play for free. You can also check them out in the App Store.


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