Auto Ringtones iPhone Review

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Looking for some new tunes to spice up your iPhone ringer? Auto Ringtones – Create loops from your library app by L&J will create some unique loops right from your music library and do just that. Here is some of the app’s description:

Auto Ringtones automatically creates ringtones from your favorite songs!

grub your music to extract perfect audio loops:
– select a song from your iTunes library
– select duration and the number of loops you want
– explore loops extracted from your song
– export as ringtones using iTunes file transfer or GarageBand

Exporting via GarageBand or iTunes file transfer is an optional in app-purchase.
Auto Ringtones can extract loops from ANY MUSIC without DRM protection stored in your iPhone library!

Ad free…
Auto Ringtones is not yet compatible with streaming platforms because they do not allow access to audio of the songs.

Auto Ringtones will first need access to your music and video library on your iPhone. Next, the app will open to your library items organized into playlists, artists, albums, songs and genres. An inbox option is also listed. The inbox will store imported audio files from other sources, like DropBox or iCloud Drive. If you receive an email with an embedded audio file, you can also long-press the file and open it in Auto Ringtones. Those files will be housed in the inbox area as well.

To create your ringtone, select a song or audio file and choose the amount of looping and length of the tone in minimum and maximum second settings. Use the volume slider at the bottom to adjust the loudness to your preference. Tap the Grub It! button in the middle of the mix and Auto Ringtones will analyze the audio and create loops based on the parameters input. Select the loop you like and then tap export ringtone.

Exporting can be done using GarageBand or iTunes and they were even nice enough to provide links to YouTube videos with demos showing how it is done with each. However, the built-in export buttons do ask for a $0.99 in-app purchase. So basically you get to try the app out and hear the auto loops that are made, but saving the final versions will cost you. Considering the app contains no ads and the purchase is only $0.99, it isn’t a bad deal. They do mention that the only library items that can be used must be without DRM protection, which in my case, wasn’t many. I will say I used the import option with files from my DropBox the most and it worked perfectly. Also learning GarageBand could save ringtones directly to my phone without using iTunes was news to me and definitely a tip I will be using more.

For those looking for an automatic loop creator to easily create custom ringtones, you need Auto Ringtones. The app is available now on the App Store for free.


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