Battle Earth! iPhone Review

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Battle Earth! is one of the most chaotic games I have yet played on iOS. With dozens and dozens of units on-screen at any one time, bullets flying everywhere and chained explosions filling the screen, it is a wonder that you can even see what is going on, much less make tactical decisions on the fly, but the developer has managed to pull it off.

The game tasks you with controlling a battle commander and a troop of soldiers and vehicles, and sending them against an alien menace. You only ever directly control the commander, with taps on the screen making the auto firing character either move position or attack a specific enemy. The other soldiers and tanks will follow automatically and generally make their own decisions about where to attack enemies from.

You can spawn new troops in at any time, providing you have the resources, and it is in getting the right kind of units in at the right time, alongside some basic resource management, that the skill in the game really lies.

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Here, straight from the developer, are the app’s best features:

• Replace your commander in an action packed experience
• Complete PVP support
• Comprehensive tutorial
• 4 game modes
• Automatic gameplay
• Builder system
• Upgrade your squad

There is plenty of single player content here to explore and enjoy, with a lot of levels to discover and explore, as well as many different enemy types that can be found and conquered. However, the real game here is all about PVP. You can choose to take your hardy gang of soldiers online at any time, in PVP matches.

The cool thing here is that, even when there is no one online to play against, the game will find enemies for you to play with, as players can set their armies to go online automatically, even when they are not playing. This means that the multiplayer experience is robust and you can test yourself against players all the time.

The graphics are very good, with a chunky, 16 bit feel to them that will feel instantly recognisable to retro gamers. The extensive social and other options make this a complete package that will never get old.

Overall, Battle Earth! is a good combination of retro graphics, simple gameplay, and in-depth customisation. With full online play rounding up the experience, Battle Earth! is a solid game.


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