Big Keys iPhone Review

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The addition of keyboard options has really given iOS some customization to their device that Android users were always able to enjoy. Some keyboard apps focus on gifs or new emojis. For those that just can’t seem to make the text and emojis quite big enough on the native keyboard, Big Keys: Large Keyboard & Emoji QWERTY Magnifier by Hassan Hattab brings you a solution. Here is the app’s full description:

Finally a keyboard you can see! And with emojis!

Big Keys is a unique keyboard made for you to easily see all the keys. You can resize the key and emoji sizes to make it the perfect size for you. 

With Big Keys Keyboard you can: 
– Adjust the font size and emojis size on the keyboard 
– Numeric Keypad for faster data entry. 
– Track the last pressed key. 
– Use gestures for faster typing. 
– Use big Emojis as default keyboard. 
– And more!!! 

This app will change your experience on the iPad and iPhone by allowing you to see what you are typing. Finally an amazingly great keyboard experience.

What’s New in Version 1.1

Removing “Allow Full Access” for a secure and private experience

After installing Big Keys keyboard app, the user will see a short instruction to go into the phone settings and add the keyboard to use. After adding Big Keys, go back to the app to configure the size of the fonts and emojis you wish to see. The sizes vary from the base up to around ten times the beginning amount. This keyboard also has eight custom key and background colors that can be chosen here. The app supports English, French, German and Spanish languages.

The focus of this keyboard is definitely the size of things. There aren’t any new gifs or fancy fonts, just giant letters and even bigger emojis. For users that need that extra magnification to type, this is definitely perfect. Even using the largest font setting on the default Apple keyboard, for some, just may not be enough. Typing was very responsive, which is something that some third-party keyboards can fail to nail. This app does not have any problem with accuracy and switching between keyboards also works well. Though these are some basic functions, they are important. Big Keys does charge for these functions however, $2.99 to be exact. This is a bit steep for a keyboard app, especially one that caters to one main function. Of course if that function is a necessity for you, it might be worth the cost. The app does include some additional custom settings that enable actions like swiping to delete and tracking the last key pressed that can be toggled off and on. The one I liked to use was setting the emoji keyboard as the default. The others are more basic with double space to add a period and auto capitalization.

Big Keys: Large Keyboard & Emoji QWERTY Magnifier solves a basic problem that many have, but at a cost. The app is available now for $2.99 in the App Store and is designed for iPhone and iPad.




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