Birdsong Windows Phone Review

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These days where social networking is one of the most important aspects of the Internet mean that, for many the Twitter clients available for a smartphone can define a platform.

We recently took a look at the latest Twitter app for webOS, Phnx, and loved it so much we called it ‘the best Twitter app in the world’. A bold statement indeed, but not one that we would say lightly. So, from the best on webOS to what many are calling the best on Windows Phone 7, Birdsong.

Birdsong, while not quite achieving the lofty heights of Phnx, is solid and dependable, although a critical lack of speed is really it’s main problem.

The app uses the WP7 Metro style, so you swipe across the screen to view your timeline, your mentions and your direct messages. The app cleverly changes itself to suit whatever theme you are using on your phone, which ensures that it is always good looking, although the option to have the app use it’s own theme would have been nice.

The main screen can also be customised to an extent, with the option to add searches and lists, as well as alter the font to your liking and to set your location. Birdsong also utilises notifications and the Live Tile feature of WP7, which is a great addition for a Twitter app on this platform.

The app allows you to search for tweets and people, but a huge let down is the complete lack of any trending information or support.

You can share tweets via SMS or email, threaded conversations are supported, pictures are integrated into the tweet view, something some apps just don’t do, and the Bing Maps integration is cool.

The main pain with the app is it’s speed. Scrolling quickly down a list of tweets causes the app to lag, strange given the power of the device running the app, but this isn’t the real issue with speed. Loading new tweets and messages takes far too long, to the point where you are sitting there for twenty seconds or so until the app finishes updating your timeline and messages.

Combine this with the lagginess and the app just has a frustratingly slow feel to it. loading up someone else’s timeline can take twice as long as this, and the app will simply give up and give you an error message a lot of the time.

It’s a real shame, as the app is decent aside from it’s speed.

The interface is slick, with some nice features that use WP7 well. I particularly liked the way it uses copy and paste, but the slow feel really holds it back, and the lack of any trending is a bizarre omission.

Overall this is a decent app, with good looks and nice features, and is probably your best bet if you want to use Twitter on your device, but beware of the lack of speed and expected elements such as trending.



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