BitcoinBandit Android Review

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Most game and arcade apps are for pure entertainment and time wasting, but what if all that time wasting could earn you money? Well the BitcoinBandit app by BitcoinBandit can! Here is the app’s description:

Join Bandit the rabbit in his crazy race to wealth in this first episode of the adventures of Bandit the King Rabbit. Help Bandit to catch a lot of Bitcoins, become the King of the Tournament and earn Bitcoins as well.

The Game

Propel Bandit the rabbit on his jetpack and help him gather coins. Avoid the enemies and obstacles in order to clear the levels. Pass all the levels and collect a maximum number of coins. BitcoinBandit is an addictive game requiring dexterity and a risk-taking spirit. The game is totally free and always will.

How To Earn Bitcoins

Two modes are available for the player – a tournament mode and a training mode.
The tournament mode enables the player to earn Bitcoins every 30 minutes. The tournament takes place from Friday to Friday. At the end of each tournament, the player gets his earnings on his Bitcoin account. The highest-ranked players will be awarded extra earnings.
A training mode is open without restrictions for the player to practice.

How To Play

Propel the jetpack of Bandit the rabbit by touching the screen of your smartphone with your finger. If you leave your finger pressed, the jetpack will make Bandit the rabbit go up. You can lift your finger to make him go down. Avoid enemies and obstacles and catch as many coins as you can.

BitcoinBandit begins with a sign-in to play. Google or Facebook accounts can be used for just this purpose. Select Practice Mode or Tournament Mode. Practice mode is important here as you will need a lot of it to master this game. Tournament Mode is the real deal, this is where you pick up those coins to earn your Bitcoin payday. Each level has a different theme with some kind of strange bee enemy you have to avoid. The levels are generated before you begin each time so the enemies and  terrain are never the same. Touch and hold the screen to make Bandit the Bunny and his rocket fly. Collect coins as you fly through the air. Fall or touch an enemy or scenery and little bunny bandit blows up and the game is over.

Now when they say touch and hold to fly, they mean it. Let go of the screen and that little guy comes plummeting down like a rock. Tapping seems to keep him steady but the giant enemy bees are very troublesome to get around. Not to mention the coins are in places very difficult to get to and then get out-of-the-way without being killed. Coins you have collected are only earned if you cross the finish line of the stage in Tournament Mode, which is only available to play every 30 minutes. Like Flappy Bird before it, BitcoinBandit is nearly impossible to master, but at least here if you can put up with the frustration you get paid. The app is ad supported and aside from being difficult, my only other issue was I competed in complete silence as there didn’t seem to be any sound effects or music when I played. Maybe it was just missing for me.

If you enjoy watching bunnies explode then BitcoinBandit is definitely for you. The app is available now for free on Google Play.


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