Blade Storm Knife Throwing Challenges Android Review

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Blade Storm Knife Throwing Challenges, available for Android through the Google Play store, is an interesting twist on the classic Fruit Ninja concept that adds a few decent ideas to the formula while maintaining a solid gameplay base.

The premise behind the game is to skilfully destroy fruit that appears on the screen. however, unlike Fruit Ninja, which requires you to slice fruit with a blade as it appears randomly, here you must guide throwing knives at fruit that has a pre-set pattern to its movement.

This pre-set pattern works in the games favour, as the designer clearly wanted the movements to be as fiendish as possible so as to throw off your aim as much as possible. The game actually requires more skill and thought than many games of this type, as the targeting is not hit scan – there is a small degree of travel time to account for when throwing the knives.

So, you have to learn how to lead your target. This can be tricky when there is a lot of targets moving in awkward patterns, however I believe this small degree of extra skill that is required actually elevates the game to a higher level. It is actually pretty satisfying to play.

When coupled with the cool knife throwing sound effects and animation, the slightly higher skill ceiling really does make this a fun game to while away some time on your phone.

However, what really makes this game decent is the fact that there is a lot more than fruit to aim at. Yes, in the main mode, you have to hit fruit while avoiding hitting skulls, but there are tow more modes on offer here.

The first, and best in my opinion best, mode is called Quick Reaction. Here, you have to decide whether to shoot a series of pop up targets, but you only want to shoot the people that are armed – shooting an innocent person results in an immediate game over.

The final mode sees a person strapped to a giant target board. You have to throw your knives as close to the person as possible without hitting them, which is made all the more difficult when the board starts rotating faster and faster. Here is where the timing of your shots really matters, as you have to account for the travel time of your knives.

Google Play integration, leader boards, good music and the ability to remove ads round off a pretty robust package. However there are some issues that I should mention.

The ‘Moving Targets’ mode really needs more variety in backgrounds to keep the interest up in the mode and to provide players with something to aim for – unlocking new locations, and while I appreciate the need for ads before and after gameplay I feel they should not pop up when returning to the title screen as this can become annoying. The only other issue was a technical one. One both devices I tested in, leaving the game and then returning to it can cause the graphics to bug out, leading to the game needing to be restarted to fix.

However, they are all small issues and I would not hesitate to recommend this to anyone looking for something with a bit more challenge and variety than the usual games in this genre.


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