BLAQMOJI D9 iPhone Review

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The Blaqmoji D9 app brings a diverse group of emojis to mobile devices with a variety of characters and accessories for more personal customization to celebrate Black Greek letter organizations. Here is some of the app’s description from the App Store:

Celebrate Black Greeks Everyday! Purchase BLAQMOJI D9 at our discounted price for a limited time. A portion of all proceeds will go towards our D9 Scholarship Fund!

Introducing high quality black emojis, better known as Blaqmojis! Black is beautiful! And that beauty should be reflected in the digital market! BLAQMOJI offers that and more; it’s a cultural experience of black excellence!

Begin your experience by celebrating Black Greek Letter Organizations with our BLAQMOJI D9 catalogue.

A portion of every subscription goes toward a scholarship fund for members of Black Greek Letter Organizations to help keep the legacy alive!

BLAQMOJI D9 opens to a catalogue of specially curated blaqmojis representing each Black Greek Letter Organization (also known as the D9).
BLAQMOJI D9 is 100% Black owned & operated.

After downloading the app, get started by entering user information, first and last name, and email. Select which D9 organization you are a member of in the list, or choose I am not a D9 member if this does not pertain. Tap the D9 icon to start browsing all D9 Blaqmojis. The app includes 9 full characters, each representing an organization. Each Blaqmoji comes complete with D9 audio call-outs, hand signs, and history. Just tap on the image to share via text or app to use.

The Blaqmoji D9 app offers a creative way to personalize all your digital devices and profiles. Apple Watch faces, iPhone wallpaper, social media and messaging apps, etc. Share directly from the app or install the Blaqmoji D9 keyboard in settings for even easier access to all the unique Blaqmoji characters. Press and hold each Blaqmoji to learn more about D9 trailblazers of Black history. The Blaqmoji D9 app is $4.99, with a contribution made to a scholarship fund for D9 members with every purchase. Become a VIP member for $1.99 per month for access to new emojis and stickers, a 9% discount on special merch offered by Blaqmoji, and the ability to offer feedback on specialty curated events and emoji/sticker designs.

This app is very creative, to say the least. It is the only one I have seen of this kind and I have to applaud it. The design is stylish and the layout is very easy to use. I do love how the Blaqmojis are large, complete, beautiful black characters and not just faces. It sets them apart from other emoji keyboards and apps that are small and lack detail. Because the images are larger, it also makes it perfect for wallpapers, etc. The celebration of Black Greek pride is fun and the added history behind the real-life people who brought these organizations to where they are today and in the focus of Back History is an excellent touch. This is much more than an emoji app.

Share Black Greek pride and support scholarship funds with the Blaqmoji D9 app! The app is available now for $4.99 on the App Store. Android users can also find it on Google Play.


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