A Blue Perfume Bottle iPhone Review

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Escape concept games have seeped into the App Store, popularized by apps like The Room, horror movies, and even real life escape rooms. They involve a puzzle with a thrilling storyline and maybe even a hint of danger. A Blue Perfume Bottle cranks up the freaky factor up a bit more but challenges you to keep alert to solve and escape. Here is some of the app’s description:

This is a 3D escape game from a mysterious place. In order to escape from the mysterious place look everywhere for items and clues, and solve gimmicks.

[How To Play]
Move using the arrow button or tap the screen.
Tap curious points and find items or clues.
Tap a slot item at the top of screen when using an item.
Tap an item in use for an enlarged display.
While an item is an enlarged display, tap another item and it may become a new item.
For dead ends, hint functions are prepared…

Begin the app finding yourself in a creepy old hospital room complete with rusty wheelchair, an old one-eyed doll head along for the ride. With a very Myst like design, use the arrows to navigate the room and explore the environment, tapping interesting areas for clues. Solve puzzles and collect items to help you along the way. Items found throughout the game are added to your inventory at the top of the screen for later use, with some able to be combined for certain tasks. One tip, be extra observant as you never know what information in the room could help you with a later problem.

Now the app is advertised as a 3D escape game, though this is not 3D in what most have come to know now which usually is more immersive and must be used with a viewer of some sort. The first person view does translate as you being in the room though there isn’t a lot of interaction with items or the room. The atmosphere is great with a very creepy feel and I definitely recommend playing with headphones. Ads are included but used as part of the game as you are rewarded with a hint if you watch the ad. I will say some hints are a bit obvious and aren’t that helpful, but others are, and in my case, much-needed. Thankfully for me there isn’t a time limit. I really enjoyed playing the game and thought the puzzles and their solutions were quite clever with the horror theme a big plus.

A Blue Perfume Bottle is an app worth a look for those with a keen observation and love of the genre. The app is available now in the App Store for free.


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