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What any of us want is to have a nice device that works efficiently. Usually out of the box our Androids are working as advertised. Add some customizations including widgets and favorite apps and soon your shiny toy begins to be sluggish. There are plenty of tools within the settings of your device to keep it running smoothly but not everyone is attuned to how to appropriately set it for their use. To make this process a breeze is Booster Kit by Apalon Apps. Here is the app’s full description:

Booster Kit: Clean/Optimize is all-in-one app that takes care of the whole system: with such tools asGame Booster, Cache Cleaner and Battery Saver it enhances your device, keeping it free from junk Booster Kit image 2and residual files.

This new multitool gives you more control of your device performance! Game Speed Booster lets you enjoy your favorite games while Booster Kit keeps the charge level under control and prevents system from lagging.

Booster Kit: Clean/Optimize is your all-in-one solution:
– Game speed Booster: improves your game speed during launching from game folder.
– Battery Life Saver: keeps the charge level under control and prevents system from lagging.
– Memory Boost: helps optimize the performance.
– Cache cleaner: cleans up residual files, catches any unused APK files.

More handy options?
– Boost Button on your Home Screen: boost your speed and clean cache in one tap right from your Home Screen!
– A handy control widget: finish device interface by adding shortcuts with wi-fi, brightness, volume and fly mode control!

Booster Kit: Clean/Optimize is an easy way to free up, optimize and keep the device productive.

Running the Booster Kit app will direct you immediately to a main page that displays a system health score of your Android device. The big green BOOST! button on the screen is easy to find and pretty straight forward to use. Just press and Booster Kit does the rest, instantly optimizing the performance. Use the advanced options to go directly to areas you would like to adjust like the memory, battery or storage. The app will also suggest other options for you to improve the health of the machine with additional settings available for those users that know exactly what they would like to tweak.

When I opened app it immediately assigned me an average health score of 51%. I went through the auto boost and tweaked some other things geared to my preference, improving my score bit by bit as I went along. I can set it to notify me for all sorts of things like high memory consumption or even use the game boost to improve performance. By far my favorite feature was that I can check the storage, memory and battery status all in the notification area. The app does include ad offers that scroll at the bottom and occasionally pop-up on-screen, but it is free and is a minor inconvenience considering all of the automated cleaning and optimizing it is doing for you.

Booster Kit is a great little app when you need something to take care of those trivial clean-up tasks that you don’t always remember to do. Keep your device clean with just a push of a button! Booster Kit is available now for free in the Google Play store.


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