BoostHQ iPhone Review

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Email has revolutionized the way we do business. The ability to send messages and get replies instantly has made communication and collaboration easier than ever. The problem is all that communication can easily get lost in a sea of replies that is easily disorganized. That is where BoostHQ – Team Knowledge and Content Sharing app by SkyPrep Inc. comes in. Here is the app’s full description:

The smart app that improves the way teams share links, files and thoughts on topics that matter; strengthening your team’s productivity.

BoostHQ lets you crowdsource and share meaningful content with your team, to make everyone better at their jobs. It organizes knowledge into channels, and highlights useful material so you’re no longer overloaded with content.  

Securely share any link or file (documents, videos, photos) from all the sources you already use (Safari, Dropbox, Youtube, Google Docs, etc.), and receive feedback and analytics on content that your team finds useful.

With BoostHQ you can: 
– Create channels to share content.
– Add files, videos, and links to your channels and source them from anywhere.
– Create a smart team knowledge repository. 
– Integrate with tools you already use. 
– Seamlessly invite team members to your channels, and give them different permission levels: viewer, contributor, or channel owner.
– Receive analytics on content that works (number of viewers, likes, bookmarks and more).
– Create discussions with individuals or on topics. 
– Find and discover content easily.
– Re-share content into other channels or reference content directly with team members.

On top of all that, BoostHQ is free to use.

BoostHQ walks you right through the sign-up process when you start the app. Provide a team email address, create a team name, and even add a photo for your team. Then finish your profile with your name, user id and password. You will see a channel is created and you can add content and team members. Content can be files, video, notes or even sharing a YouTube video. Invite team members by email address or if they already have a BoostHQ account you can search them in the app. Add multiple channels for different projects or subjects to keep it all organized.

This is a top-notch team organizational app. Accessible by not just your phone, but the web as well at A great way to collaborate where everything is in one place and everyone is a part of the process. Content that is added to a channel can be commented on by team members with feedback and tag other members to reply and bring attention to specific people in the conversation. Everyone can easily keep up with all of the progress by checking the activity feed which shows content and comments added day by day. The best part is all of this is absolutely free. BoostHQ also offers a Teams Plus account with a monthly subscription price that includes added controls and permissions for extra management, great for bigger team projects that need the ability to assign admins and other roles.

With helpful tools like a Chrome browser extension and integration with major sites, like DropBox and Google Docs, BoostHQ is the workflow app you never knew you needed. Get organized and get working with BoostHQ. The app is available now for free in the App Store, and also available for Android devices.



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