Bounty Sports: Fantasy Pickems iPhone Review

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These days fantasy sports can be complicated, requiring fans to follow every detail of their players and team picks to have any chance of winning. The Bounty Sports: Fantasy Pickems app simplifies the process by asking users to only pick a winning team for a chance to win real cash payouts. Here is some of the app’s description:

Bounty Sports is the world’s first fantasy sports platform designed for everyday fans. Get $5 for signing up & enter low stakes daily pick’em style contests to win big!

Bounty Sports is changing how fans play fantasy sports. Our fun, quick and easy to learn platform hosts pick’em style contests where users choose which teams they think will win, earn fantasy points for correct selections and win cash prizes. Prizes are big, winners are paid out immediately and everyone has a chance to win.

1) Pick teams, not players
2) Simple scoring system
3) Spend a little and win a lot

Traditional fantasy sports platforms are broken. They have evolved from a fun game with friends to a place where a few experts consistently win at the expense of average fans. Bounty Sports is looking to fix that with a simple, easy to understand fantasy sports platform. We want average fans to play and have a chance to win every night.

The Bounty Sports app is fantasy sports with pickem contests anyone can win. There is a wide array of sports to choose from – Baseball, football, soccer, and even MMA. Account sign-up is an easy, streamlined process. Just fill out one form on the sign-up page with personal and sign-in information. Not ready to join? The app allows users to skip the account sign-up and browse upcoming contests before committing, which is really nice. Entry fees for each bout are listed along with prize money and points for the match-up along with their live count down and number of entries enrolled and total.

Each team selected within the match-up has a specific number of points allocated. If the chosen team wins, the winner receives that number of points, one point if it was the favorite, more if the team was the underdog. If the losing team is chosen, no points are gained or lost. Contests take place every day with low entry fees and big payoffs. The app layout is as simple as can be with no need for a tutorial to get started picking. 

The pitch for the Bounty Sports app is that it is sports betting simplified. Play at any previous experience level, pick a team, and win. Though the picks for contests by the team do make things a bit easier, the winning is a little more complicated. When it comes to contest scoring, users are ranked based on the total number of points they receive in the given contest. When there is a tie, no prize money is paid. There is also a 10% hosting fee from contest winnings to Bounty Sports. That being said, it is much less complicated than building teams and keeping up with stats on players to strategize and win. Just be sure to understand how everything works and all the fine print is read before diving straight in. 

For fantasy sports fans, Bounty Sports: Fantasy Pickems is a quick and easy way to get a daily sports bet fix. The app is available now on App Store for free, or visit Right now they are offering a FREE $5 signup bonus for all new players, no deposit necessary.


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