Call Predictor Android Review

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Call Predictor, from developer Qware and available for Android phones and tablets from the Google Play store, is a clever and interesting app that claims to be able to predict what calls you are likely to receive on any given day.

The app dos this by analysing the call history on your phone for the last 30 days, looking for patterns from differing incoming numbers. It then sends you alerts, letting you know who is likely to call you that day.

Once it has done the magic, you can even view a chart with percentages of who is most likely to call you. There is a big caveat here, as to get the most out of the app you do need to be someone who gets a lot of phone calls each month, as you need to have received at least 30 in the last month, so this will only be truly useful for power users who need help organising calls.

The app takes a little while to analyse your calls, and you can’t close it while it does its job, so be prepared to put aside a few minutes to help the app do its thing. The algorithm here is obviously very clever, and many users will have a play with this simply for the fun aspect of seeing if the app will predict calls correctly, but that really isn’t the main point of the app.

Call predictor exists to help those who receive many calls each day with planning their day, and to remind them to be prepared to talk to certain people. It is perhaps a disappointment that the app doesn’t connect with the calendar or to do lists on Android to integrate the likely calls in with the plans for each day. Hopefully this is something that is planned for the future.

Here is the app’s full description from the Google Play store:

This app learns patterns from your call history using Machine Learning.
It can then use that intuition to predict who will call you the next day.

*Please allow 10-15 min for call analysis to complete.

*This app requires at least 30 days of call history data with minimum of 30 phone calls.

*Get notified on who is likely to call you the next day.

*Does NOT require Wifi/Data or any form of internet access to work.

The app has a very basic look, with few visual bells and whistles, and aside from the call analysing and results there are few options available. This does mean that the interface is very streamlined and is easy to use, which is a decent enough trade off for functionality.

Overall, this is a good idea for an app that will be a great help for power phone users that want a little help with call management. The algorithm and prediction seem to work really well, and although I would have liked more integration with other functions of the phone, such as the calendar, the app does work as intended and is worth a purchase for those looking for an app that does something a little different with call management.

The app is available now for $1.49 in the Google Play store.


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