Captain Kosmo Android Review

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Space goblins, time warps and jet packs? Have I got your attention? In this new space adventure app, Captain Kosmo is flying high to defeat the goblins and save the day. Here is some of the app’s description:

When galaxy is in need Captain Kosmo is there to save it. Captain Kosmo is an endless game with epic boss fights. Dodge the obstacles, destroy enemy ships and collect stolen coins. 

Space goblins attacks and steals the coins on a planet under Captain’s protection, now Captain Kosmo has to chase the goblins and retrieve the coins. Collect the coins and avoid the obstacles sent by the Goblins, but beware Goblins might hire and send dangerous space bosses to stop you. You can choose different space suits with different abilities to maximize your victory chance. Captain Kosmo is an endless game but the difficulty keeps increasing by time.

Features :
* Fast paced action
* Many boss to defeat
* Retro style boss fights
* Beautiful backgrounds
* 8 Amazing suits with different abilities

Minimum requirement
Android 4.4 and above

Before beginning your space journey, Catain Kosmo opens with a comic book style story introduction. Goblins have looted the space bank and Captain Kosmo is on alert to stop them. Following the trail of coins they leave behind, the adventure begins. With his trusty jetpack, fly the captain around and destroy obstacles, collecting coins along the way. Pick up loot crates with upgrades to help you defeat deadly bosses that stand in your path. The coins will allow you to upgrade Kosmo with things like power-ups, jetpack trails, and different suits. The brand new update brings a jolly Christmas theme that includes a Santa suit for the captain.

Captain Kosmo is an interesting game with an unusual perspective. Captain Kosmo flies through space, but not left to right or bottom to top like most flying games. Captain Kosmo flies at a slanted perspective, creating more of a 3D effect that makes the meteors and other obstacles even more menacing. This also increases the challenge when it comes to maneuvering the captain around. Controlling the character is easy as you can touch anywhere on the screen to enable a joystick and drag your finger up or down the screen to move him. Not getting hit is not so easy, though the missiles and time warps do help. As you fly and run into space debris, your health meter will decrease, meaning Kosmo is running out of time to complete his mission. To continue, pay with gems or watch a video, otherwise start all over again. Though the app uses ads for continues, they are a small hinderance and get me what I really want, which is the game to continue.

Overall I really like Captain Kosmo with its very challenging and enjoyable gameplay. I found the game design really fun and the new Christmas theme delightful. The app is available now in the Google Play store for free. You can also find it in the App Store.



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