Countdown of the 10 Best Apps of the Month – March 2012

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A monthly feature here at TSAR, we take a look back at all the apps we have reviewed this month here on the site and give you a run down of the best ten. The apps are taken from the 24th of the previous month to the 24th of the current month. Why the 24th? Well, the reasons are just too mystical(and mundane) to mention here.

We take apps from all of our reviewers, and from all formats but it is important to remember that the list isn’t purely based on the score each app got, but rather a collective feeling of overall quality or importance. So, a game that got a score of 90% might find itself below an app that got 85% if we feel that the 85% rated app has that something special that makes it a more memorable title but just lacked a few features that marked it down in the actual review.

In essence, the reviews are more clinical, with the score coming from the brain, but this list is more from the heart.

So, without further ado;

10. Prince of Persia Classic HD, Format: iPad, Score: 90%

Reviewed 1st March, read full review here.

This new version of Prince of Persia, based on the Xbox Live release, which combines the gameplay and levels from the original and graphics and stylings from The Sands of Time, was a winner in our book. While keeping fans happy with hardcore modes, the series is open to newcomers with some gentler options. With spot on controls, smooth visuals and classic gameplay, this iPad version is top-notch.
Prince of Persia Classic HD - Ubisoft

9. Fancy Pants Adventures, Format: iPhone, Score: 90%

Reviewed 15th March, read full review here.

Brihanna loved this long-awaited iOS version of the mega hit Flash game. This new version adds a lot of tricks to the main character while retaining the feel and gameplay vision of the original title. With particular praise given to the fluidity of the game, this is a fast paced adventure with a highly original look and fantastic character designs. It really should not be missed.
Fancy Pants Adventures - Chillingo Ltd

8. iPhoto, Format: iPhone, Score: 87%

Reviewed 8th March, read full review here.

Oliver reviewed this one, which completes the iLife set on iOS. While not really what you would call an in-depth photo editor, iPhoto is a gorgeous product that is a joy to use, and has that quality, ‘made by Apple’ feel running through it. There were a few complaints, such as the bizarre lack of labelling for the tools, but overall this comes highly recommended, and makes your iPhone feel complete.
iPhoto - Apple

7. Angry Birds Space, Format: iPhone, Score: 90%

Reviewed 22nd March, read full review here.

We came into this review expecting a few gimmicks bolted on to the traditional Angry Birds experience, but were pleasantly surprised that the new gravity and bird abilities really changed the experience to a large degree. With improved gameplay, less frustration and better physics, Angry Birds Space lives up to the hype.
Angry Birds Space - Rovio Mobile Ltd.

6. Final Freeway 2R, Format: iPhone, Score 87%

Reviewed 15th March, read full review here.

We loved this 2.5D racing game that is very much in the OutRun mold. With perfect gameplay, gorgeous graphics and some good track designs, Final Freeway 2R is a great little game. It is the little details that made us truly love the game, and we recommend any old school racing fan to check this one out.
Final Freeway 2R - NEWTYPE K.K.


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