Countdown of the 10 Best Apps of the Month – March 2012

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5. NBA Jam, Format: iPhone, Score 92%

Reviewed 26th February, read full review here.

A faithful updating of the classic NBA Jam series for iPhone, Brihanna loved this one, especially as it reminded her of the old 16 bit consoles so much, even down to the giant head mode. With controls that have been thoughtfully reworked for iOS, this is one update that is worth getting.
NBA JAM by EA SPORTS™ - Electronic Arts

4. Coco Loco, Format: iPhone, Score 90%

Reviewed 7th March, read full review here.

We loved this physics based puzzle game even more than we liked the new Angry Birds game, as this one feels fresh, new and original. With some simply stunning water effects and physics, highly inventive tools and superb level design, Coco Loco is hopefully a promising start to a new franchise.
Coco Loco™ - Chillingo Ltd

3. DoDonPachi Resurrection HD, Format: iPhone, Score 92%

Reviewed 15th March, read full review here.

This game is a bullet hell dream, with gutsy controls, beautiful graphics and pixel perfect gameplay. A HD reworking of the first game on iOS, this new HD variant really feels like the game is being shown as it was always meant to be seen. A simply brilliant shoot ’em up.
DoDonPachi Resurrection HD - CAVE CO.,LTD.

2. Crazy Horses, Format: iPhone, Score 92%

Reviewed 14th March, read full review here.

This brand new conversion of a Windows Phone game still has us addicted to saving those Crazy Horses. The game sees you looping up horses to escape from various traps, enemies and obstacles, and it is as playable as it is pretty, and really feels like a step up from Flight Control, more so than Rocket, which didn’t make the list this month. A brilliant puzzle game.
Crazy Horses - Nice Touch Games Ltd

1. Hunters 2, Format: iPhone, Score: 92%

Reviewed 22nd March, read full review here.

This truly fabulous turn based strategy game wins the best app of the month award, and deservedly so, as it is a great sequel that does everything a sequel should do, and also stands on its own as an excellent game. The best game of its type in the app store, and one of the very best of the genre seen for a long while.
Hunters 2 - Rodeo Games

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