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Ever since the days where Tamogatchi dominated toy stores around the world, the idea of virtual pets has really clicked with children and adults, with the lure of getting to look after a super cute pixellated pet attracting the interest of millions.

Smartphones have allowed the idea to really breath, with pets that can now seem to take a life of their own on your tiny screen. Daily Panda, available for Android though the Google Play store, is one of the best we have seen as it adds a lot of variety and replay value to the genre.daily panda

The game sees you tasked with looking after a pet panda, which is just as cute as you can imagine. The game is built around the idea of doing daily tasks and games to keep the little fella as happy as possible, with new rewards being unlocked quite frequently.

Here, straight from the developer, are the app’s best features:

– Play mini-games with your panda
– You can interact with your panda by tapping on the screen
– Take care of an adorable pet !
– 42 levels
– You can take pictures of your adorable pet
– Fishing game
– Crazy River game
– Make fun with your little animal and take care of it ! You can disguise him with a lot of stuff !
– Virtual animal on your pocket

Looking after your pet is fun, and dressing him up will no doubt appeal to kids, but it is in the mini games that Daily Panda really excels. There are two, a fishing game and a river rafting adventure, both of course starring the panda. They are surprisingly good, and add some much-needed variety to the experience.

The graphics are very good, with the main character well designed and animated to a high level. The music and sound effects are also pretty good, and there are 42 levels to play through, as well as the ability to get your pet to pose for photos.

With great graphics, some very good mini games and plenty to do, Daily Panda is one of the stronger virtual pet games we have covered here, and as such comes recommended to fans of the genre.


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