DALCAL iPhone Review

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Word games can be found all over the App Store, with a variation of rules to them all. These apps are great for mobile because they are challenging and fun, yet quick to play. DALCAL is all of these as it challenges players’ vocabulary while keeping the rules simple yet casual. Here is the app’s description from the App Store:

Drop a letter Change a letter is a new word game where you have to either drop and/or change a letter to create each new word. Complete all of the levels and tiers, win a complementary t-shirt. With 300+ words to play, there’s endless hours of fun for beginner, intermediate and advanced play.

DALCAL, or Drop a Letter Change a Letter, is a word game where the player does just that. The user is given the challenge of creating new words out of a given word by dropping or changing 1, 2, or 3 letters from the original. Starting with the first tier of three levels, spell a new word by dropping one letter or changing one letter. Once completed, move on to tier 2 where two words must be completed, and so on. The number of the tier is the number of words that must be made.

In the 3 levels within the game, there are 10, then 20 and then finally, 30 tiers, where tier 30 means submitting 30 words! Points are assigned for each word submitted, though it is unclear what the point value is for. There are no penalties for submissions that do not meet the requirements or that are not words and there is no time limit to complete each tier, so players can relax and really take their time. If a player gets stuck, there is an option to get a new word, but it will start the word count and point system back at zero.

While playing this game, I found it very challenging to come up with new words over and over. The How To Play section does a great job explaining the rules and I was able to start playing right away. Without any pressure for time, gameplay is laid back even while racking my brain to complete each tier. A few times I did find it didn’t take a word I submitted, even though it seemed to fit the rules, and I got quite a few words repeated during play. The app is ad supported with a full screen ad playing in between each tier, but it is quickly dismissed. Currently a giveaway is running for players who beat all of the levels to receive a Drop a Letter Change a Letter champion t-shirt.

DALCAL is great for anyone who loves word puzzles and looking to utilize their big vocabulary, plus maybe even win a t-shirt. The app is available for free now in the App Store. More information can also be found on their website.


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