DevKit: Make Games iPhone Review

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Have you ever wondered how an app was made? Or even if you could make your own? Wonder no more as now you can find out with the free app DevKit: Make Games by Vybe Software. Here is some of the app’s description from the App Store:

Welcome to DevKit – the ONLY mobile app in the world that enables users to design, code, test, and export their very own App-Store-ready apps from a mobile device!

Have you ever tried using one of those block-coding tools? Or maybe even a do-it-yourself website builder? Well, DevKit works like a combination of those. In DevKit, you can quickly design each of your pages using a simple, drag-and-drop interface, and you can then add in all of your functionality using our very own, unique, block-coding language (DevKit blocks). No actual “coding” is required.

VOTED BEST EDUCATIONAL APP – Best Mobile App Awards (Summer 2017)

We get that some of you are interested in the educational qualities of this platform, while others of you just want to build something cool! Well luckily, we have something for everyone. Check it out…

FLATLEY CHALLENGE – HiTech Winner (2017)***

DevKit: Make Games is an app that teaches users how to create information and game mobile applications without coding. Breaking down the components into scenes, objects and actions, the process is easier to understand and begins users with a basic understanding to building their own application. They even include a free curriculum online for more in-depth explanation that includes video instruction, worksheets, and even assessments.

For those that want to build right away and not go through the classroom like content and tutorials, the DevKit app has included a handy feature they dubbed The Brain. The Brain hangs out on the side of the app page ready to assist with adding and removing functionality to customize your app. Talk right to it to answer questions that can lead those app ideas to a completed behavior and eventually a product. After your app is ready for the world, DevKit even offers App Store and Web publishing available.

Testing this app I was in awe. Being the app junkie I am, I have always been curious about the process of creating a mobile application and am impressed at the simplification that DevKit has gone through to make this process easy for anyone to understand. When they say there is no coding required, they mean it. That being said, in no way is building an app easy. There are certain things that need to be understood. For one, they recommend knowing the difference between primary and secondary objects. Primary being what the user controls and secondary being what the user interacts with. That gives the user a beginning point and off to start asking The Brain questions. Through trial and error I was able to create something fun and functional. Nothing I would publish just yet, but it has peaked my interest and I am very interested in continuing to explore and show my kids as well.

The DevKit: Make Games app is definitely the most fun I have had learning in quite a while. Tablets and iPhones aren’t just fun and games, they can also be used to create fun and games. The app is available now in the App Store for free and is compatible with iPhone and iPad.


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