Dohop Flights iPhone Review

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Finding the best airfare is essential to any trip. There are so many search options for finding the best fare, it is hard to even know where to start. One option stepping up to the plate is mobile app, Dohop Flights – Your New Flight Browser by Dohop. Here is the app’s full description:

The Dohop Flight App shows you flights available from your nearest airport. A new way to see all the options for your next trip.dohop-flights-image-2

– Browse flights without typing
– Photos of every destination
– Ordered by price, so you will always pay less
– Great app for people who love to travel

The Dohop app is designed and created for travelers at the start of their travel planning and have not yet decided on a destination or dates of travel. In essence, we have made wanderlust visual.
The app displays flight prices in an easy-to-browse manner, presenting the available flights visually, creating an enticing way to browse flights. Scroll down to see which cities you can fly to and the lowest price available. Click on the city to see all the flight options and then filter down to the dates you like.

Once you are ready to book you are lead to live flight search results for your chosen dates on Dohop’s award-winning website where you can then go forward to completing the booking.

Dohop Flights opens with a discovery section, listing popular cities to visit. Washington D.C., Boston, New York, etc. Each city lists an average round trip airfare price for easy browsing. If you are looking for a specific destination, the search option will allow you to enter a round trip or one way departing and arriving location, date and passenger number for your tickets. Sort by cheapest, quickest, best or outbound take off or landing time. Even filter by preference, like number of stops, connection times, providers and/or airlines. Once you have zeroed in on the tickets you want, view full journey details and alternate providers with comparison prices. Just click Book Now to proceed with the purchase and be transferred directly to the site with your tickets.

What is great about Dohop is it isn’t just for flights. You can also price check hotels and cars to plan your complete trip all within one app. There is no account to set up, just download the app and search away. The app has a clean layout that is easy to navigate and very appealing to look at with beautiful destination photos. Perfect for the expert traveler or even the first time flyer. Dohop Flights – Your New Flight Browser is available now in the App Store for free.


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