DooriGo iPhone Review

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When it comes to your loved ones, there is nothing like having the peace of mind of knowing they are okay. From older, independent relatives to teens newly on their own, the worry a family member is safe can be constant. The DooriGo – Stay Safe, Live Life app schedules regular check-ins to sets users’ minds at ease. Here is some of the app’s description from the App Store:

Personal safety matters, and as we mature, we may become more aware of our mortality. Friends and family want you to be safe – we might still be healthy and independent, but we all know life takes unexpected turns.

Being independent is important too, and while we don’t want to be a burden or depend on anyone, we would still like it if someone checked in on us from time to time.

DooriGo can help you to live your independent life without worrying about isolation. DooriGo will check in on you at regular intervals to ensure you’re safe, and you can go about your day. Personal safety doesn’t have to come at the expense of your independence.

DooriGo is a subscription-based product aimed at helping users stay connected with family and friends afar. Getting started is easy. The app is set up on the phone of the concerned party with full name, email, and phone contact. Up to three contacts can then be added to the app for DooriGo to reach out to. Those contacts will receive a welcome email and notifications through contact info provided. These contacts can be changed at any time. Set a time for the daily check-in and wait period and the service is all set! Now a daily notification will prompt the user to check-in at the preferred time and alert the chosen contacts if there is no response within the designated time period. The GPS tracker will provide a last known location so help can be on its way when needed.

The app not only communicates to others when there is a problem, but also includes a section called Need2Know that allows important information or instructions to be stored and encrypted. Only the chosen contacts will have access to this information. And when a daily check-in is not needed, a vacation hold can be placed for a range of dates requested.

DooriGo comes with a 30-day free trial and auto-renews for $1.99 per month if the subscription is not canceled. Annual renewal is also offered for $19.99 per year which can save a few dollars if the service is planned on being used long term. This is great pricing for a product like this. Other services like Life Alert are much more and may include more protection than needed in some cases. DooriGo is so simply executed. A daily reminder to simply let others know that all is well. No news is good news in this case.

Secure and simple, DooriGo really does enable users to stay safe without compromising independence. DooriGo is available now for iOS and Android.


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